MSF: City Villains

During MSF’s Green Goblin Trials, players who choose difficulty 5 or higher need to use City Villains to complete node 3 and 7.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an exhilarating video game that invites players to form a powerful squad of Marvel heroes and villains to destroy enemies.

As you progress in the game, you will expand your character collection, which allows you to create more team combinations.

City Villains

At the time of writing, Scopely is hosting an event to celebrate the arrival of a new character, Green Goblin (Classic). During the Green Goblin Trials, you have to advance in different nodes on varying difficulties.

Some difficulties have certain restrictions that you have to follow to complete the node. If you choose difficulty 5 or higher, you need to use City Villain characters to vanquish the enemies.

On the official Discord server, several players have shared their experiences with the City Villain nodes.

MSF: City Villains
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A player named BKess mentioned that City Villains Node 7 is almost impossible to complete on difficulty 7 even with G18 BC. SOOPYSEL0109 mentioned that she is not able to complete the City Villain nodes on difficulty 8.

Players who select difficulty 5 or higher should thus note that completing the City Villain nodes is no easy task, even if you have powerful characters.

Fortunately, there are numerous City Villain characters that you can choose between to complete nodes 3 and 7, however, some characters are considered better than others if they are upgraded.

Recommended City Villain characters

There are more than 30 City Villain characters to choose from for the City Villain nodes. However, some City Villains are regarded as better than others, especially if they are upgraded.

The recommended City Villain characters are as follows:

Character Description
Black Cat She is a master thief with nine lives and uncanny luck. Her sticky fingers nab enemy buffs and distribute Charge to her allies.
Doctor Octopus Doctor Octopus enhances Sinister Six allies and summons them to battle.
Kraven the Hunter Kraven hunts only the most dangerous game, tearing through his foes and breaking their will to fight.
Vulture He preys on enemies with negative status effects while dealing extra damage to City Heroes.
Mysterio Mysterio can manipulate his enemies’ status effects.

Alternative characters

If you are yet to collect the above-mentioned characters, you can use these characters to complete nodes 3 and 7 during Green Goblin Trials:

Character Description
Kingpin This demanding crime boss summons bodyguards and orders allies to attack
Elektra She is a stealthy assassin capable of dealing immense damage
Mister Negative He can flip enemies’ positive effects
Green Goblin Green Goblin can strip positive effects from his foes with fire and explosives
Nobu This mysterious ninja summons Hand Ninjas and specializes in ambushing his opponents
Rhino Rhino is a heavy hitter that can deal huge amounts of damage
Shocker He uses his Tech sonic bursts to damage entire teams and strengthen his Sinister Six allies

Recommended ISO- classes

In order to ensure that these characters perform efficiently during the event, you must ensure that you assign the correct ISO-8 classes to them.

The table below lists the recommended ISO-8 class for each character:

Character Recommended ISO-8 classes
  • Fortifier
  • Striker
  • Skirmisher
Mister Negative
  • Raider
  • Skirmisher
Green Goblin
  • Raider
  • Skirmisher
  • Healer
Black Cat
  • Striker
  • Skirmisher
  • Striker
  • Striker
  • Raider
Doctor Octopus
  • Skirmisher
Kraven the Hunter
  • Raider
  • Raider
  • Raider
  • Skirmisher

As seen in the table, some City Villain characters in MSF have 2 recommended ISO-8 classes, which essentially means that players can experiment with the ISO-8 classes when attempting to complete nodes 3 and 7.


To guarantee that you complete nodes 3 and 5, you should use the following strategy:

Node Walkthrough
  • It is essential that you save Black Cat’s ultimate ability during this node. When the Tangled Web enemies spawn, you should focus on them because in the last wave, Spider Weaver, Black Cat and Ghost Spider will spawn.
  • You have to use Black Cat’s ultimate ability on the opponent’s Black Cat. Vulture’s Ultimate will help speed bar the opponent back, which gives you time to kill them before it’s their turn to play.
  • Once you have killed Black Cat and Spider Weaver, you will easily vanquish the other enemies.
  • For this node, you should let MLF use her Alimate and Stun one of Heartless. You should then focus on MLF and kill her as soon as possible.
  • Players can then nuke Rogue and Archangel when the second wave spawns. By this time, Vulture’s Ultimate should be ready, which will reduce the opponent’s speed bar.
  • When Apocalypse spawns, ignore him and kill the other enemies first. When they are defeated, you can destroy Apocalypse.

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