MSF: Century Credits

During one of MSF’s events, players were able to earn Century Credits, which can be exchanged in a limited-time event store for a variety of items

Marvel Strike Force regularly hosts limited-time events in which players have to complete unique objectives to earn rewards. The game recently increased its maximum level, which means that players can now level up to level 100.

To celebrate the new maximum level, MSF hosted several events to help players increase their level.

During the Blastoff to 100 event, players had to spend all Free energy,  200 Power Cores on energy refreshes and participate in Raid battles to earn points.

MSF: Century Credits
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Players were also able to procure Century Credits to earn points. In order to obtain Century Credits, you had to use Campaign Energy on specific nodes.

However, players were also able to claim the Credits through the Web Milestone as well as Free Claims.

Once you have collected Century Credits, you can head to the limited-time event store to purchase a variety of unique items.

Keep in mind that some items required more Century Credits than others, which means that some players decided to stack up their Century Credits to purchase one of the more expensive items.

Unfortunately, the Blastoff to 100 event and the Web Milestone event has concluded. Players therefore cannot procure Century Credits. When the events concluded, all items and stores were removed from the game.

This means that if you had any Century Credits in your inventory before, you can no longer exchange them for  items in the Event Store.

How many Century Credits were you able to procure?

Players had to collect as many Century Credits as possible as they can be used in a limited-time event store. The following table lists the quantities of Century Credits that gamers were able to acquire:

Event Century Credits
Blastoff to 100 Players were able to claim 200 Century Credits and 500 Milestone points daily while the event was active
Level Liftoff (Web milestone) If players completed Raid Battles, they received 3000 Blastoff To 100 Milestone Points as well as 2 500 Century Credits per day. This means that you were able to obtain a total of 21 000 Milestone Points and 17 500 Century Credits if you completed the required activities on a daily basis.
Campaign Nodes While the event was active, you had to complete campaign nodes to earn Milestone Points. However, all campaign nodes drop 6 Century Credits per 1 Champaign energy spent.

Event Store

As previously mentioned, players were able to exchange their Century Credits for a range of items in the limited-time event store. This store contained an abundance of items, though some items required more Credits than others.

Players were able to purchase character shards to expand their character collection. Since there were numerous characters available, it may have been difficult to choose which characters you had to purchase.

On the official MSF Discord server, a player named Cbond mentioned that since Robbie is a very important character, you should have purchased him.

However, if you have already collected Robbie, it would have been recommended that you purchase a character that is not easily farmable.

Unfortunately, the event has concluded, which means that you can no longer access the event store.

Will the events return to MSF?

There are various events that return to MSF to give players an additional opportunity to complete the objectives and be rewarded generously.

However, since the Blastoff to 100 event was designed to celebrate the new maximum level, it is believed that the event will not return to the game.

However, there is a chance that MSF will increase the maximum level in a few years when most players have reached level 100.

This means that there is also a chance that players will be able to procure Century Credits again, which can be used to purchase an array of items.

Century Credit Store Update

As previously explained, the event store as well as the Century Credits were removed from the game when the event concluded.

However, on the official MSF Discord server, one of Scopely’s Community Managers, CM_Archangel, revealed that the Century Credit store has been extended, which means that players have until Monday, 12 February 2024 to exchange their Century Credits for an exciting range of items.

If you still have some Century Credits in your inventory, you have a few additional days to purchase items in the event store. However, it is unknown whether you can still complete the objectives to earn Century Credits or not.

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