MSF: Candy Shop

MSF players can now use their Heart Candies to purchase a variety of items from the Candy Shop, which is active until Saturday, 24 February 2024.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) regularly hosts in-game events, and some events correspond with real life occasions.

At the time of writing, players can participate in several Valentine’s Day events that require that you complete unique objectives to earn rewards.

In the Roses are Red event you have to complete Campaign Nodes to earn Heart Candy. For every Heart Candy that you earn, you will receive 1 point, which counts towards the event’s milestone.

Players can also acquire Heart Candy from the Daily Free Claim section on the MSF website as well as from the  “Offers” menu.

However, players can also spend their Heart Candy in a limited-time event store, the Candy Shop.

This shop allows you to purchase a vast range of items, including gear, character shards, Uniques, training mods, ability mats and credits, amongst other items.

It is important to note that some items are more expensive than others. It is believed that the higher the quality and rarity of the item is, the more Heart Candies it requires.

You can therefore either use your Heart Candies to purchase common items, or stack them to purchase one of the more valuable items in the shop.

That being said, you should keep in mind that the shop is only active for a limited time. When the Roses are Red event concludes on Monday, 19 February 2024, the shop, as well as its contents and Heart Candies will be removed from the game.

It is therefore crucial that you use all your Heart Candies before the Roses are Red event concludes so that you do not miss out on valuable items.

Roses are Red even

For every Heart Candy that you earn, you will receive 1 point, which will help you complete event milestones. If you reach specific milestones, you will receive specific rewards.

MSF: Candy Shop
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The following table lists some of the rewards that you will earn when you reach a milestone:

Milestone points Rewards
1 300
  • 40 000 Gear Credits
  • 400 Advanced Armor Catalyst Part
5 000
  • 100 Superior Confidential Dossiers
  • 400 Advanced Focus Catalyst Part
  • 700 Carnage Symbiote Vials
29 000
  • 25 Augmented Microdot
  • 100 Augmented Basic Catalyst Part
  • 1 Valentine’s Card
40 300
  • 200 Augmented Secret Intel
  • 200 Augmented Locked Case
  • 200 Gold Promotion Credits
  • 10 Red Goblin Shards

Heart Candy Bug

On Tuesday, 13 February 2024, MSF announced that some players found millions of Heart Candy Currency in their inventory.

Allegedly, this bug was on account of an old currency in players’ inventories which registered as the new currency.

Scopely quickly removed the store from the game and took MSF down for maintenance for approximately 10 minutes to purge the Heart Candy Currency. Although the maintenance resolved the bug, it caused several other problems.

Players who purchased Heart Candy offers lost their currency and players who spent campaign energy and received Heart Candy also lost the currency. If you lost some of your Heart Candy, we recommend that you submit a ticket to MSF.

To compensate for this bug, the Candy Store has been extended until Saturday, 24 February 2024.

Which items should you purchase?

As previously explained, there are numerous items available to purchase in the Candy Store. The items that you should purchase depends on how far you have progressed in the game and which items you need to enhance your characters.

One MSF player recommends that players use their Heart Candy to purchase Uniques and G18 Mini Uniques. However, you can also purchase character shards to expand your character collection.

When you are deciding which character shards you want to purchase, you should consider which characters are more difficult to acquire.

Players should therefore purchase character shards for the characters which are no longer available to procure, or which are very difficult to collect.

Alternatively, you can purchase T4 Ability Mats, L4 Training Mod, and Dark Diamond Credits.

Recruiting Red Goblin event series

Although the Roses are Red event is themed around Valentine’s Day, its objective is to give gamers the opportunity to recruit Red Goblin.

According to the announcement, Red Goblin designed a plan to support S.T.R.I.K.E’s mission to extract key recruits from various points of time to help build the Out of Time team.

His plan comprises 8 missions, which includes 3 Main Milestone Events, 3 Quick Rumbles and 2 Alliance Milestones.

We recommend that MSF players participate in all the events if they want to recruit Red Goblin.

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