MSF: Cabal

MSF players have recently discovered that the new Cabal team will consist of Namor, Iron Patriot and Leader.

Although there are a variety of teams that you can use in Marvel Strike Force, the game’s developer regularly introduces new teams to help you progress in the game.

Several gamers have managed to datamine official announcements to generate information which is yet to be released.

It is therefore noteworthy that the datamined information is subject to change as it was not officially released by Scopely.

According to YouTuber, Tauna, the datamined information indicates that a new team named Cabal will be released in the near future.

Tauna believes that Iron Patriot and Leader will form part of the new Cabal team, however, MSF has not confirmed this theory.

Scopely recently released the patch notes for update 7.7, however, it is unlike previous patch notes as the announcement did not reveal which characters will be added to MSF.

Furthermore, the update did not reveal any upcoming events or modes that you can participate in.

Although the developers did not enclose it in the patch notes, it was revealed that Namor is getting a rework. This has led players to believe that his abilities are being altered to prepare him for his new role in the Cabal team.

Several players believe that Doom will join Iron Patriot, Leader and Namor in the Cabal team, but Tauna mentioned that it will be a 3-man team and hence, Doom will not be part of the new team.

Since the information has been datamined, there is a chance that MSF will adjust the team’s composition before their official release. We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the MSF website for official news and updates.


According to Tauna, Namor’s statistics have already been updated and it has already been implemented in the game.

That being said, it is unknown whether his abilities will be altered or not. The following table lists Namor’s current abilities:

Name Description
Neptune’s Trident
  • Attacks primary target for 210% damage and 50% Piercing damage
Tidal Wave
  • Attacks primary target for 20% damage while adjacent targets receive 340% damage
  • On target Block, Bonus Attacks 2 times for 100% Piercing damage
  • Attacks all enemies for 300% damage
Imperius Rex
  • Gains 20% damage
  • Gains 30% armor

When will Iron Patriot and Leader be released?

Tauna believes that Iron Patriot and Leader will form part of the new Cabal team, though we cannot say when Scopely will add them to MSF.

That being said, several Commanders have mentioned that the first members of the Cabal team will be released with update 7.7.

Since the patch notes for update 7.7 did not mention that any new characters will be added to the game, it is difficult to determine if they really will be released with the update.

Players should keep in mind that MSF will announce the new Cabal team before its official release and therefore, we advise all players to regularly check the official news and updates.

How to acquire Namor

Since Namor is getting a rework, players believe that he is part of the new Cabal team.

If you have already collected Namor, you do not have to acquire him again to use him in the Cabal team, but you do have to ensure that you have the latest version of MSF installed to implement his adjustments.

If you are yet to procure Namor, you have to farm his character shards,  which can allegedly be procured from the Premium Orbs, Legacy II Orbs, Milestone III Orbs as well as the Raid Orbs.

Once you have obtained enough character shards, you will add him to your character selection.

How to obtain Iron Patriot and Leader

Once Iron Patriot and Leader has been released in MSF, it is very likely that you will have to participate in release events to collect their character shards.

During a release event, you have to complete specific objectives to earn rich rewards, including character shards.

However, players who are not interested in farming character shards may get the opportunity to purchase Iron Patriot and Leader with real money.

Keep in mind, however, that it is not mandatory to purchase characters to progress in the game. That being said, we advise all players to acquire the new characters’ shards while their release event is active.

If you do not get them during the event time, you may have to spend real money to add them to your character collection at a later stage.

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