MSF: Black Knight

Scopely recently announced that MSF players will soon be able to procure the Black Knight, who is part of the Out of Time team

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF) players have to procure a variety of superheroes and supervillains from the Marvel Universe to defeat foes. Scopely, the game’s developer, recently announced that Black Knight will be added to MSF.

According to Marvel lore, Dane Whitman is the villainous Nathan Garret’s nephew, and is also known as the Black Knight.

Dane stood at his uncle’s side as he lay dying from a battle. With his last words, Nathan bid Dane to restore the honor of the Black Knight legacy.

Dane Whitman therefore took on the personality of the Black Knight to fulfill his dying uncle’s last wish. The Black Knight, along with Starbrand, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Captain Carter and Captain America are part of a new team called Out of Time.

MSF: Black Knight
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Captain Carter and Captain America have been added to the game previously, however, to prepare them for their new role, they will be reworked.

The Black Knight, Cosmic Ghost Rider and Starbrand are new characters, which means that players will have to participate in specific events to acquire them.

On the official MSF Discord server, a player named Happydrake mentioned that Black Knight’s release event was already shown through the monthly calendar.

Several players therefore believe that Black Knight will be added to the game in February 2024, but there is a rumor that he will only be released in March 2024.

Unfortunately, MSF is yet to announce the official date that the Black Knight will be added to the game. We therefore recommend that you keep an eye on the official MSF website for further details.

Black Knight’s abilities

Similarly to other characters in MSF, the Black Knight has several abilities that will help you vanquish your enemies. The table below lists his abilities as well as a description of each:

Skill type Name Description
Basic Flesh Wound Attacks primary target for 280% Piercing damage and clears 1 positive effect. It also applies 1 Deflect, up to a maximum of 5, to self or to the most injured non-summoned ally.
Special None Shall Pass This ability clears all negative effects from self and all allies. If negative effects are removed from the Black Knight, it heals him for 5% per negative effect removed. It also attacks a primary target for 300% damage and applies an Ability Block
Ultimate ‘Tis but a Slash Attacks primary and adjacent targets for 500% Piercing damage and 30% of the Black Knight’s max health. Applies Defense Up to self and all allies.
Passive Merlin’s Champion On spawn, the Black Knight gains Taunt, Defense up for 2 turns, Immunity and 5 Charge effects. On turn, he gains 1 Charged, up to a maximum of 3. On any turn, the first time this character has not Charged, its Speed Bar is filled by 100%.

How to acquire Black Knight

As previously mentioned, Scopely has already announced the Black Knight’s release event, during which you have to complete specific tasks and objectives in order to earn his character shards.

If you are not interested in completing the tasks, or you do not have much time to put into the event, you will be able to purchase the Black Knight.

According to YouTuber, Beniwestside, Black Knight is a very special character, and he mentioned that if you are a light spender, you should purchase his shards.

The Black Knight not only has fantastic value on and off the Out of Time team, but he is also considered to have the best pre-taunt in MSF.

For which activity should you use the Black Knight?

Although not many details have been released about the Black Knight yet MSF players have created their own theories on the character.

Although you can use the Black Knight for any activity in the game, several players and YouTubers believe that he will perform exceptionally in the Alliance War and Arena activities.

Alliance War is an Alliance-exclusive activity which is available to players level 45 and higher. Keep in mind though that you can only join the activity if your Alliance is level 20.

The Arena, on the other hand, is a solo activity during which you have to destroy enemies to increase your rank.

The higher your rank is, the more rewards you will get at the end of the activity.

Out of Time team

Most MSF players already have Captain Carter and Captain America in their character collection, but you will have to participate in several events to acquire the rest of the Out of Time team members.

At the time of writing, it is unknown when the other characters’ events will occur, however, several players believe that Scopely will release more information in the near future.

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