MSF: Black Cat Unlock

MSF players have to participate in the Black Cat Trials to unlock the heart of the Secret Defenders, Black Cat.

Players have to protect the Marvel Universe from terrifying foes in this adventurous video game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF).

Apart from completing missions, you can procure characters to participate in varying game modes and in-game events. One of the characters that you can unlock is Black Cat, who is the heart of the Secret Defenders.

MSF: Black Cat Unlock

MSF announced in July 2023 that Black Cat, the Legendary Bawler for the Secret Defenders, will be introduced to the game.

To celebrate her arrival in MSF, Scopely is hosting a limited-time in-game event which invites players to earn her character shards.

Gamers need to complete specific objectives or meet certain requirements to procure Black Cat character shards.

The Black Cat Trials commence on Tuesday, 29 August 2023 and invite players to steal the top rank of Arena with Black Cat.

To unlock her, you need a minimum score of 500 000 or 425 000 and qualify for the Leaderboard Rewards, which requires a minimum score of 400 000.

Keep in mind that you need to use the Knowhere and Sinister 6 teams on nodes 2,6 and 10 when attempting Difficulty 5 and above.

That being said, there are specific character traits that you need to use as you progress through the nodes. You need to use Mystic Villains, Brawler, Controller, Mystic, Global Controller and Hero characters during the event.

MSF: Black Cat Unlock
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Black Cat abilities

Black Cat has the following abilities:

Ability Description
Stealth Slice
  • Attacks primary target for 320 percent piercing damage and applies Slow and 2 Bleed
  • Reduces Speed Bar on primary target by 5 percent
  • If she has 30 percent of less health, she gains Stealth
Bad Luck…For You
  • Attacks primary target for 300 percent
  • Applies Trauma, Bleed, Disrupted and Stun
  • Copies and clears 2 positive effects, except Taunt
  • Reduces Speed Bar by 10 percent
  • Clears 1 Charged effect
Ill-Gotten Gains
  • Performs actions on the primary target, such as clearing immunity, transferring all negative effects from self and reducing Speed Bar by 20 percent, among other things.
Nine Lives
  • On Spawn, she gains 3 Charged, 9 Deathproof and Immunity.
  • In Arena, it applies Safeguard to self and all Secret Defender Allies.
  • Clears Revive Once from all enemies

Recommended ISO-8 class

Although MSF players are yet to collect Black Cat, you can start thinking about which ISO-8 class you want to assign to her.

Her basic ability can rewind enemy Speed Bar and fill her own Speed Bar simultaneously, which makes her a great candidate for a Striker class.

However, you can also consider the Skirmisher class, as she would be able to apply many Vulnerable effects with her Counterattacks.

Is Black Cat worth it?

Black Cat’s kit is incredible all-round, however, her passive is what will make her and the Secret Defenders dominant in the Arena.

Although her skills are a bit self-centered, she will be a great character to have, even outside of the Arena, as her kit is not tied to that gaming mode.

You can therefore use her, and potentially her team, to counter tough opponents in War and Crucible.

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