MSF: Black Cat ISO-8

To enhance Black Cat’s abilities in MSF, we recommend that you either assign either the Skirmisher or the Striker ISO-8 class to her.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is an exciting video game that invites gamers to immerse themselves in the fictional Marvel Universe. You can complete main story missions with a variety of characters to earn rewards.

One of the characters that you can procure is Black Cat and to enhance her abilities, you have to assign the right ISO-8 class to her.

Who is Black Cat?

Black Cat is a legendary character which was recently added to MSF. She is the heart of the Secret Defenders team which will dominate the Arena game mode for the foreseeable future. Before Black Cat, she was known as Felicia Hardy.

Hardy is the daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar. She followed in her father’s footsteps and became an international thief as Black Cat.

Felicia is a deadly fighter, accomplished gymnast and she has been outfitted with technology to cause bad luck for anyone within close proximity to her.

Black Cat is a brawler who can ensure that luck is always on her team’s side, even if she has to steal it.

MSF: Black Cat ISO-8

As you progress in MSF, you will unlock ISO-8 classes and when you assign a class to your characters, you essentially enhance their abilities. This means that your characters’ performance in battle will increase.

Since Black Cat was recently added to MSF, players are unsure about which class they should assign to her and although you can assign any class, this is not recommended. This is because some classes will benefit her more than other classes.

Her basic ability can rewind enemy speed bar and fill her own speed bar, which also works on Counters, Assists and ISO-attacks.

This feature makes her a great candidate for the Striker class. If you assign the Striker class to her, she will deal a lot of damage with her piercing attacks and will increase her speed significantly.

Alternatively, you can assign the Skirmisher class to Black Cat. Players will not have problems removing Revive Once from enemies since she benefits from increased Focus for that task.

However, Black Cat also applies many negative effects and has an ability which can remove Charges. To make sure that those are not resisted, she may require additional Focus when she is not fully leveled.

Even though her passive ability increases her focus, it also increases her chance to perform a counterattack. With Skirmisher, she would be able to apply a lot of Vulnerable effects with her Counterattacks.

You can therefore experiment with the Skirmisher and Striker classes once you have Black Cat. It is advisable that you assign both classes to her before deciding which ISO-8 class you want to use for her.

Keep in mind, though, that you can switch between the Skirmisher and Striker classes whenever you want.

MSF: Black Cat ISO-8
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Black Cat’s abilities

As you can see, the ISO-8 class that you should assign to Black Cat is highly dependent on her abilities. We therefore recommend that you consider her abilities before selecting an ISO-8 class for her.

The following table outlines her abilities and  describes each:

Ability Description
Nine Lives
  • At the beginning of any match, BIO enemies cannot spawn with Speed Up
  • On spawn: She gains 3 Charged, 9 Deathproof and Immunity. In the arena, she applies Safeguard to self and all Secret Defender allies .She also clears Revive Once from all enemies and gains 1000 percent additional Focus for this action
  • On any turn, if she has 5 or more charges, she clears negative effects from herself and heals for 30 percent of her max health.
Ill-Gotten Gains
  • Primary Target: Clears immunity and transfers all negative effects and vulnerable from self. Copies and clears Charged and all positive effects, excluding Taunt to self. In Arena, if she has Trauma, she applies Trauma and attacks for 500 percent piercing damage.
Bad Luck.. For you
  • Attacks primary target for 300 percent piercing damage
  • Applies Trauma, Bleed, Disrupted and Stun
  • Copies and clears 3 positive effects, except Taunt, on primary target to self.
  • Reduces Speed bar by 10 percent
  • Clear 1 Charged
Stealth Slice
  • Attacks primary target for 320 percent Piercing damage and applies Slow as well as Bleed
  • Reduces speed bar on primary target by 5 percent
  • If she has 30 percent or less health, she gains Stealth.

Black Cat Trials

To procure Black Cat, you must participate in the limited-time event, Black Cat Trials.

Players can obtain Shards for Black Cat through Milestones for reaching specific run scores or through the Leaderboard. The higher your Run Score is, the better your Leaderboard rewards will be.

It is noteworthy that 100 000 is the minimum score that you can have to qualify for the Leaderboard.

Secret Defenders

As mentioned previously, Black Cat is the heart of the Secret Defenders team and therefore, you should use her in the team. This team comprises Ghost Rider (Robbie), Ms. Marvel (Hard Light) Photon and Doctor Strange.

Although Doctor Strange was added to MSF previously, he has been updated to take on his new role in the Secret Defenders team.

Players can essentially use the Secret Defenders for any game mode, though they specialize in the Arena game mode.

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