MSF: Battle plan orb

During A Woman out of Time event in MSF, players have to open orbs using gold to acquire rewards.

In Marvel Strike Force (MSF), you can explore the well-renowned Marvel Universe while protecting it from horrific foes. In addition to defeating enemies, you can collect characters, enjoy events, and attempt to complete difficult gaming modes.

One of the events that you can enjoy is Woman out of Time, which requires that you open different orbs.

Woman Out of Time

The Woman out of Time event started on Wednesday, 18 January 2023 and it is the perfect opportunity to collect Captain Carter character shards. Players can also progress in Super Patriot and claim other rewards to create an army of Super Soldiers.

Captain Carter is part of the new Rebirth Team and this event allows you to get her character shards. Once you have enough character shards, you can add Captain Carter to your squads.

It is vital that you obtain Captain Carter during the event as it is undetermined whether you will get another opportunity to acquire her in the future or not.

MSF: Battle plan orb

The Woman out of Time event features 4 orbs that can only be opened with gold. Players can open the Royal Reserve Orb, Strategic Reserve Orb, Patriots Orb, and Royal Soldiers Orb. The table lists the amount of gold you need to open each orb:

Orb Amount of gold required to open
Royal Soldiers Orb 200 000
Patriots Orb 200 000
Strategic Reserve Orb 200 000
Royal Reserve Orb 500 000

According to the table, players need approximately 11 00 000 gold to open the 4 orbs during the Woman out of Time event. When you have opened an orb, you will receive numerous rewards:

Orb Rewards
Royal Soldiers Orb
  • Players could receive up to 20 Captain Carter character shards
Patriots Orb
  • You can acquire up to 20 Captain Carter character shards
  • The orb can also contain 20 U.S Agent character shards
Strategic Reserve Orb
  • Mini-uniques, Origin and Catalysts for Gier tier 14 – 17
Royal Reserve Orb
  • Center Pillar: GT16 and GT17 mini-uniques
  • Side Pillars: players can acquire teal origin, cats and ISO.

To open these orbs, players can open the Woman out of Time Event Store tab where you can find all 4 orbs. You will receive the rewards immediately when you open an orb.

Keep in mind that by opening an orb, you are contributing to the Woman out of Time Milestone, which has unique rewards that you can claim once you reach a specific milestone.

The Woman out of Time Milestone

Players have to collect points to contribute towards the milestone. You can collect points by opening the event orbs, participating in the British Invasion, and  completing the Wield the Shield milestone.

When you have reached a specific point in the Woman out of Time Milestone, you will get rewards.

Allegedly, you can earn Captain Carter shards, the Bulletproof Uniform, Justice Medals, and the 5-Red Star Captain America, amongst other items.

These items can affect your gameplay substantially and therefore, it is advisable that you collect as many points as possible while the event is active.

British Invasion and Wield the Shield

Players can enjoy the British Invasion and Wield the Shield events while the Woman out of Time event is active.

For the British Invasion, you have to battle in raids to collect points. The points will contribute to the Woman out of Time Milestone, which rewards you with several items.

Wield the Shield, on the other hand, is a Web Milestone which requires that players  spend Campaign Energy. By spending this resource, you will contribute toward the Woman out of Time Milestone and therefore, receive rewards.

Captain Carter

The MSF‘s Woman out of Time event is the first event that invites players to procure Captain Carter character shards. Once you have collected enough shards, you can unlock Captain Carter and use her in your squads.

Captain Carter has several unique abilities, such as:

Ability name Description
Assist She attacks the primary target for 205 percent damage while dealing 17 percent piercing damage. It also applies a regeneration effect on the most injured ally.
A Proper Bash Carter attacks the primary enemy for 280 percent damage and chains 1 adjacent target for 230 percent damage.
Acrobatic Justice She gains 3 Deflect, 1 Counter, and 1 Death Proof effects. She can heal herself and rebirth allies for 20 percent of her health points. Moreover, she can revive a dead rebirth ally.
Rolling Liberty It clears all negative effects from self and 2 negative effects from all allies. The skill also attacks all enemies for 440 percent damage.
V for Victory Carter applies a regeneration effect for 2 turns on herself and rebirth allies. She also gains block chance, armour, and maximum health effects.

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