MSF: Alliance Credits

Alliance Credits in MSF can be used to unlock Stark Tech; but you first have to donate items and currencies to your Alliance.

In this thrilling game, Marvel Strike Force (MSF), you can immerse yourself into the well-renowned Marvel Universe to protect the world from enemies.

As MSF is based on the classic comic and movie franchise, you will likely encounter similar heroes, storylines, super villains and locations in the game.

There are numerous activities you can enjoy as you progress in MSF, but it is advisable that you focus on the main story. This is because it serves as a guide to the game, and you will earn Character Shards as you complete your quests.

Once you have reached a specific level, you can join an Alliance, which has exclusive activities and currencies, including Alliance Credits.

Alliance in MSF

Similar to other role-playing titles, MSF has a guild feature known as an Alliance. An Alliance or guild allows you to meet like-minded gamers with whom you can engage in activities.

Being part of an Alliance means you gain access to new gaming modes and a variety of bonuses.

You will also be able to join Alliance Raids, during which you have to fight against other Alliance members and other powerful enemies in order to receive rewards.

Alliance members will also unlock Alliance Donations and Star Tech once they have reached a specific Commander Level.

MSF: Alliance Credits

In order to join an Alliance, you have to go to the MSF home screen and select the Alliance tab. Players can then either search the Alliance by name, or go through the list of Alliances. Once you have selected an Alliance, you can select the join button.

Bear in mind that an Alliance can only have up to 24 members, and as such, some Alliances may have already reached the maximum number of members.

When you are part of an Alliance in MSF, you can make donations to it to receive Alliance Credits. For example, when you donate 10 000 gold to the Alliance you will receive 10 Alliance Credits.

Also note that you can only donate to the Alliance once you have reached Commander level 50. Players level 50 and higher can purchase Star Tech Bonuses with their Alliance Credits.

It is worth noting that Stark Tech upgrades are dependent on your Alliance’s level. In the beginning, you will only be able to upgrade a select number of items before you start running into Alliance Level limitations.

There are numerous Stark Tech upgrades you can purchase with your Alliance Credits; our best advice is to upgrade Damage and Health.

Health is an extremely useful statistic to upgrade in a game where losing a single character on a campaign node is the difference between 2 or 3 starring the node. While damage upgrades will increase the amount of damage your character’s deal to enemies.

If you want to purchase specific Stark Tech upgrades, you must ensure to focus on Mystics, as the characters tend to emphasise the application of debuffs. 

However, if you want to aim for additional strength you can upgrade armour and resistance for Bio characters.

How to increase Commander level

You will only be able to donate to your Alliance and receive Alliance Credits once you have reached Commander level 50. It is worth noting that the Commander level determines your character’s level and how high their combat points (CP) can reach.

In order to increase your Commander level, you have to complete campaign missions, as they offer the most experience points. However, you can also participate in in-game events and raids to increase your Commander Level.

Leveling up your Commander level to 50 may take some time and therefore it is best you focus on the specific set of activities that can increase it.

Gold in MSF

In order to acquire Alliance Credits, you have to donate gold to your Alliance. Fortunately, there is no resource more readily available in MSF than gold. It is the game’s soft currency and can be used to pay for anything, from hero levels to gear upgrades.

When you first start playing MSF, you will receive what will seem like mounts of gold. Even if gold will continue to pour into your coffers through achievements, battles and missions, you will discover that it is not enough for everything you want to purchase.

It is thus advised that you use your Gold sparingly, especially when you have reached Commander level 50.

Can Alliance Credits be saved?

It is crucial to remember that once you retrieve the Alliance Credits from your inbox, they will expire after a certain number of days.

However, if you leave the Alliance Credits in your inbox, they do not expire. This enables players to stock up on their Alliance Credits before an Alliance-specific event goes live.

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