MSF: 4000 Spider-Weaver shards

Players who are on the free route of MSF Strike Pass can acquire 4000 Spider-Weaver shards for free.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) invites players to enjoy adventurous role-playing elements while collecting Marvel characters. It is up to you to build teams of Marvel characters with which to defeat enemies.

One of the characters that you can acquire is Spider Weaver. Regrettably Marvel recently made a mistake by giving 4000 shards away for free.

MSF Strike Pass

MSF recently announced that the third Strike Pass is available for players to complete. The Strike Pass consists of a free route and a premium route. All players can progress in the free route to collect rich rewards.

However, the premium route is only available to those who purchased it with real-life money. Players who purchased this route will receive additional rewards that are not part of the free route.

It is noteworthy that it is not mandatory to purchase the premium route as it does not prevent you from enjoying MSF. However, if you are interested in the additional rewards, you can follow the given in-game steps to complete the purchase.

MSF: 4000 Spider weaver shards

The free and premium Strike Pass consists of numerous rewards. Players who are on the free route recently discovered that they receive 4000 Spider Weaver shards when they reach slot 4. These shards allow players to summon Spider Weaver – one of the MSF original characters.

MSF: 4000 Spider-Weaver shards
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On Thursday, 5 January 2023, MSF released a statement regarding the 4000 Spider-Weaver shards. Allegedly, the reward was not intended, as 4000 shards exceeds the number required to get a character to 7 Yellow Stars.

According to the statement, the developer team has discussed the issue and explored several potential solutions. Upon review, MSF has decided to allow the Spider-Weaver character shards to remain in the Strike Pass.

Any player that has claimed or will claim the character shards, from the pass will be able to keep them. However, MSF also said that this issue should not set any future expectations of the rewards that the pass will contain.

Although the fault was on the developer’s side, MSF is pleased that numerous players are able to unlock and enjoy the third original character.

Gamers who have yet to claim the shards will therefore still be able to do so once they reach the fourth slot of the free Strike Pass. However, MSF players believe that the following Strike character required for Apocalypse will be quite difficult to acquire.

It is alleged that the following character will be difficult to get to make up for the easy acquisition of Spider-Weaver.

Who is Spider-Weaver?

Ajei Benally was born into a family of Navajo weavers, who passed their traditions from generation to generation. Ajei’s family was overjoyed to send her to college in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, her grandmother fell ill and became too sick to continue weaving the textiles that paid her tuition.

On a path to find a cure for her grandmother, Ajei discovered a spider web and placed her palm against it. To her surprise, she was bitten by the spider and was overcome with a fever. She had visions of Na’ashjeii and was informed about the Web of Life and Destiny.

When Ajei found a cure for her grandmother, she set out to protect Na’ashjeii and other weavers who may follow the same spider. Donning the spider clothing that she wove earlier, Spider-Weaver followed this being’s path to protect her friends.

Spider-Weaver’s ISO-8

Spider-Weaver is the first Spider Protector in MSF. Her health at any given point influences her offensive capabilities.

Players should thus prevent her from taking damage during a battle. It is therefore recommended that you give her the Fortifier ISO-8 class.

This class provides the character with an additional barrier which will protect her health. Fortifier is also in synergy with her passive ability to gain a Barrier every turn.

However, you can also use the Striker class, as this increases the amount of damage that she deals to enemies.

Spider-Weaver’s abilities

Similarly to other characters in MSF, Spider-Weaver has several abilities that she can use in a battle. The following table lists her abilities and describes each one:

Ability Description
Ethereal Strike It does moderate damage to a single target and grants additional effects, depending on her health points at the time.
Fateful Decision This ability buffs Spider Weaver with several effects. These buffs are applied to all tangled Web allies and 2 randomly selected allies. It does high damage to the primary target.
Threads of Fate It does heavy damage to a single target while placing a Trauma and Stun effect. It also grants Spider-Weaver a Safeguard for 2 turns.

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