Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Monstie List

Hellblade Glavenus

Hellblade Glavenus’ breath can melt solid rock. Their tail-blades can cut through mountains. They produce a highly explosive powder that can be used to enhance their explosive spit, coat their tails, or emit with some attacks. When angered, they burn all around them to ashes.

Requires special permission to hunt.

Boltreaver Astalos

Boltreaver Astalos unleash green-blue electric bolts. Their highly developed shockshells produce electromagnetic spheres that trap the prey.

Requires special permission to hunt.



Silverwind Nargacuga

Silverwind Nargacuga are larger and covered in patterned silvery fur. They are overall faster and stronger than normal individuals and quite adept at throwing around their tail spines.

They are capable of creating powerful shockwaves with their strong and fast tails, which can slice straight through the defenses of their opponents.

Requires special permission to hunt.

Thunderlord Zinogre

Thunderlord Zinogre glimmer with green electric sparks, and strike down upon prey with the shocking lightning.

Thunderlord Zinogre are already in supercharged state. They can freely go in Rage Mode and reach a new charged state called the “Ultracharged” state. The green electricity then turns to a golden color when it enters its “Ultracharged” state.

Requires special permission to hunt.

Bloodbath Diablos

Bloodbath Diablos inhabit desert terrain, waiting for unsuspecting prey beneath the sands, before springing forth to an aggressive attack.

When greatly enraged, Bloodbath Diablos’s secreted body fluids will begin to evaporate, causing steam to spread off their body, which can cause a steam explosion, pushing off foes nearby. They are highly aggressive, and fairly rogue when they encounter an enemy, especially if that threat is a hunter.

Requires special permission to hunt.

Grimclaw Tigrex

Grimclaw Tigrex have a truly devastating strength. Their raw power overwhelms the technological strengths of humans.

Grimclaw Tigrex are capable of throwing boulders and snowballs.

Requires special permission to hunt.

Dreadqueen Rathian

Dreadqueen Rathian’s bodies are adorned with spikes full of a deadly venom, which is released in noxious pink-purple clouds. The pink-purple clouds leave death behind.

They use their poisonous tail to attack, inflicting either poison, noxious poison or deadly poison.

Requires special permission to hunt.




Kirin resemble unicorns. While they may appear to be peaceful and passive, they can summon lightning to strike attackers or the area around them.

They rely mostly on lightning strikes as their main force of attacking foes. Wrapped in electricity, Kirin move at unparalleled speeds in short amounts of time, assaulting prey with their perilous horn.






Rajang are ultra-aggressive and very territorial. Their shoot electricity from their mouth.

Once provoked, they wreak havoc on their prey with brute strength and boundless rage. When in Rage Mode, the fur on their front body rises and becomes gold.


Velkhana freeze all on their path. They can control ice and cold winds, and use their freezing breath to conjure massive spires of ice out of nowhere.

They breathe beams of supercooled fluid that can instantly freeze monsters.




Palamute make for perfect companions when riding into battle. They soar into the sky and slice the wind with the throw of a blade.





Nargacuga live and thrive in thickly wooded areas, stalking their prey from the shadows. Nargacuga have the ability to attack with almost every part of their body, causing high damage, mainly with their bladed wings and spiked tail.

Extremely strong muscles allow them to jump long distances and tall heights at high speed.


Zinogre bear a mantle of raw electricity. They attack with razor-sharp claws and sturdy limbs.

They get supercharged using the electrical energy of the Thunderbugs. If Zinogre take enough damage, this charge is lost. They become less aggressive, even vulnerable to attacks (approximately 6-7 seconds), until they can gather more Thunderbugs in order to increase the attack power.


Brachydios are coated in a green, glowing and volatile substance. They “infect” their prey through their fists or horn. By depositing their sticky substance onto the prey, the substance quickly undergoes a powerful chemical reaction and violently explodes.

When enraged, Brachydios’ fists, horn, and other ridges along their body glow a bright yellow/orange color. In this state, they will no longer leave their sticky substance, but will instead cause explosions directly on impact.


Seregios’ lustrous golden scales can be launched at prey in high-speed attacks. Highly-developed aerial hunters, they are fierce and aggressive towards both prey and foes alike.

Seregios can attempt to overtake the territories of other monsters.




Tigrex are capable of unleashing an ear-splitting roar, causing nearby objects to fly. They are known to charge at prey with fearsome limbs, jaws, and claws.

In an enraged state, they can perform two moves in one turn, with the powerful limbs trampling their opponents.


Kushala Daora

Kushala Daora can manipulate strong winds, whipping up storms wherever they go. When in rage mode, they create a wind barrier. Poison can weaken this wind barrier.

Kushala Daora can also gather up huge bursts of wind and spit them at the hunter, blowing them back. Their wind blast is capable of destroying foliage, stalactites, and other destroyable things on the ground.


Wreathed in flame, Teostra wield blistering breath attacks. They breathe out large streams of fire, generating an aura of flame around, burning away at those who get too close.

As very aggressive monsters, Teostra will not be giving warning to intruders, they will show dominance to anything that they encounter, by ruthlessly attacking intruders until they are dead, even chasing them out of their normal territory.


Astalos can generate high-voltage electricity within their bodies. They shudder violently to charge up whatever body part they plan to attack with, wings, tail, or horn, firing electricity through them. They can also breathe blasts of electricity which can split into two pillars upon impact with the ground.

Astalos can also change form by generating electricity, thus changing their attack patterns as well.


Extremely hostile and territorial, Barioth are capable to move instantly and attack ferociously, presenting a challenge even to experienced hunters.

They use their fangs and claws to slide around on the ice. They are capable of producing a wind blast; they spit out an icy ball that will create a powerful tornado. The hunter caught in this tornado, will be inflicted with the SnowmanStatus effect.


Rathian, also dubbed Queens of the Land possess powerful legs and deadly, poisonous tail. Their tails inflict poison and their breath generates flaming projectiles causing burns.

Even with the tail cut off, they can use the poisonous barbs on the tail to inflict blunt-force and toxic wounds.






Zamtrios are predators that usually launch ambush attacks on prey from beneath the sea ice.

When threatened or enraged, they will coat their body with a special liquid, which solidifies into an icy armor. They can also spit this same liquid to immobilize their prey.

Zamtrios are capable of spitting powerful torrents of water to blast away enemies.


Diablos attack any who stray into their territory. They have the ability to burrow and travel underground, repeatedly unleashing powerful attacks. Bringing them back above ground means levelling the playing field.

Diablos use their horns as weapons against attackers, but will also use them in bouts against other Diablos in battles for territory or mating rights.


Lagiacrus strike fear into the heart of any sailor who traverses the seas.

Although they are most at home underwater, they are more than capable of fighting on land, by delivering nasty electric shocks.




Glavenus possess long, sword-like tails, sharpened on their fangs. They are able to breathe fire projectiles from their mouths. They have the ability to create fiery explosions with their tail.

The strong hind legs allow them to effortlessly chase down prey, which they then slash at with their monstrous tails.

Their attack pattern will change if they store up heat.





Gammoth possess piercing tusks and strong trunk. They strike the opponent with their trunk or simply crushes them under the sheer weight of their body.

Gammoth are particularly hostile towards Tigrex, who is the natural predator of young Gammoths. As Gammoth grows older its fear of Tigrex is displaced by rage and aggression.

Breaking their parts before they unleash devastating attacks, will cause less damage.



Tobi-Kadachi possess sharp claws that allow them to climb up tree trunks with ease, building up static electricity within their fur when rubbing against the bark. Thus, their attack pattern and strength changes when they store up static electricity.

They can also glide for long distances.







Bazelgeuse scatter explosive scales over a wide area, feasting on whatever gets caught in the blast. They are capable of dislodging these scales at will from the body and quickly replacing them.

Bazelgeuse can also release a short-range blast of fire from their mouth, producing ear-piercing roars.



Mizutsune exude a magical aura, yet they are far from harmless.

They breath sbubbles during battle to enhance their agility, which can decrease the opponents’ attack accuracy by hindering their movements. They can also fire pressurized jets of water from their mouths.

When enraged, they can perform two moves with one turn.


Pukei- Pukei store venom inside their body, creating a poisonous gas. They either spew it at the prey, or exude it from the tail tip.

This poison varies depending on their previous meal. Also, their attack type changes after eating.

Part-breaking helps limiting their attack types.


Paolumu inflate the sacs in their necks to float in the air like a balloon, directing their flight by exhaling this way or that. They can slow down their prey with bursts of compressed air, attacking from above with their powerful tail.

Allowing them to stay airborne for a prolonged period means they will perform more powerful attacks.

Paolumu are fairly calm unless provoked. They will not attack a hunter unless they attack first. Once provoked, they will become aggressive.


Anjanath do not need to be provoked to tenaciously pursue, attack and bury its fangs deep into anything that strays too close. The large spikes on their bottom jaws heat up, turning their breath into a flurry of flames.

Anjanath’s head and legs can be wounded, their tails can also be severed.


Legiana soar high in the skies with extreme precision and agility, amid the strongest winds, grabing their prey straight out of the air.

These swift, kite-like Flying Wyverns discharge a chilling wind from their bodies, which dull the prey’s ability to escape.


Kulu-Ya-Ku use their front claws to grab rocks, using them as a shield to block attacks, or throwing them at enemies.

Kulu-Ya-Ku are very docile and calm when coming into contact with hunters. However, like any other monster, if attacked, they will fight back.








Velocidrome are alpha monsters that leads a pack of Velociprey. They are larger than their fellows, with more prominent crests.

Due to their weak physical strength, they use their strong hind legs to leap at prey, pinning them down with their sharp claws before calling for assistance.