Monster Hunter Rise: Amber Essence

Players can unlock Armour Augmentation in Monster Hunter Rise by spending Afflicted Materials and Amber Essence, which can be procured by completing certain quests.

Monster Hunter Rise is a popular action role-playing game which is the sixth mainline instalment in the Monster Hunter series. The game follows many of the conventions that were established in its predecessors while introducing exciting new features.

Similarly to the previous titles, players can assume the role of a Hunter, who is tasked with defeating and capturing large monsters. To aid you in your quest, you can craft and acquire a variety of weapons and tools to damage and weaken your enemies.

Before you can craft weapons and armour, you have to procure different materials and resources. One of the resources you need for crafting is Amber Essence, which was introduced with the Monster Hunter Rise expansion, Sunbreak.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

A year after the release of Monster Hunter Rise, the developer, Capcom released its first expansion, called Sunbreak. Although it is an expansion, it is more like a completely new game, with various new monsters to hunt, locales to explore, and weapons to craft.

The expansion also introduced Master Rank Quests, which push seasoned hunters to their limits. All players have to do to dive into Sunbreak’s hunts is to complete the seven-star quest, Serpent Goddess of Thunder.

Goddess of Thunder is the closest thing that the game has to a final boss, meaning that you have to complete numerous hunts to get there.

Monster Hunter Rise: Amber Essence

Once you have defeated the final boss in the base game, you can continue your Monster Hunter adventure in Sunbreak. There are several new locations to explore, weapons and armour to obtain, and resources to gather.

One of the major resources you can get is Amber Essence, which is needed for the Qurious Crafting system. If you are interested in advanced crafting, you will use Amber Essence in nearly every step of the crating process.

Monster Hunter Rise: Amber Essence
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The best way to get Amber Essence is by completing Anomaly Investigations. An Anomaly Investigation will give you the task of fighting a randomly selected monster within a unique time frame, party requirement, and a different locale, including additional random factors.

The investigations are unlike traditional Monster Hunters or Anomaly Assignments. However, you will receive Amber Essence as a quest reward, or by defeating the Monster after a hunt.

Once you have an Amber Essence, you can view it in the rewards page. Players can then offer the essence to Smithy to use in the Qurious Weapon or Armour crafting options. Keep in mind that any weapon or armour you use must reach its maximum upgrade.

For weapons, you must use the final weapon in a weapon tree in the Qurious Crafting, and you need to upgrade the armour to the maximum level so they can no longer receive Armour Spheres.

You will access more difficult quests as you advance through the Anomaly Investigations and reach higher Research Levels. Although these quests are more difficult to complete, they offer better rewards with higher-quality resources and materials.

Anomaly Investigations

Anomaly Investigations are special types of quests that expand upon the Anomaly Quests introduced with the Sunbreak Expansion.

The Anomaly Quests are special hunts against monsters driven mad by the Qurio creatures throughout the story, Anomaly Investigations take the same fundamentals, adding elements of increased difficulty, randomised quest parameters, and new crafting materials and create an endgame progression system.

Players will unlock the Anomaly Investigations when they reach MR 10. Once this prerequisite is met, you can speak to Bahari in Elgado Outpost who will inform you about the new feature. Then, you can speak to Chichae who has the new Anomaly Investigations category under the Anomaly Research Quest at the Quest Counter.

Monster Hunter Rise: Amber Essence
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Qurious Crafting

Qurious Crafting allows you to add random skills to your gear using materials earned from hunting Afflicted monsters. This crafting system is unlocked by speaking to Bahari about Anomaly Investigations, then unlocking Afflicted monsters at Master Rank 10.

You can then go to the Smithy and talk to Minayle to unlock Qurious Crafting, but you have to enable Augmentation first. You can enable Armour Augmentation by spending Amber Essence and Afflicted Materials.

The type of Amber Essence and number of Afflicted Materials required depends on the rarity of the armour you want to Augment. Furthermore, only Rarity 8 and higher gear can be Augmented for Qurious Crafting.

How to Augment weapons

Players should note that Augmenting weapons is similar to armour, but it does not involve random bonuses. To enable weapon Augmentation, players must spend Afflicted Materials and some Zenny.

After enabling Augmentation, you get access to 3 out of 5 of the weapons Anomaly Slots, which allows you to add multiple upgrades to your weapon. Each weapon has varying bonuses available, which allows you to customise your equipment according to your preference.

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