Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Materials

Afflicted Materials in Monster Hunter Rise are required to craft rare weapons, however, you first have to level up your Master Rank and complete Anomaly Quests.

In this action role-playing game, Monster Hunter Rise, gamers can assume the role of a Hunter who is tasked with killing and capturing monsters. You can use a variety of tools, weapons, and environmental features to damage and weaken your enemies while simultaneously surviving their attacks.

As the name suggests, the game is part of the classic Monster Hunter series and as such, you may encounter similar gameplay and mechanics. An expansion of Monster Hunter Rise was released shortly after its initial release. Sunbreak introduced various new features, including Afflicted Materials.

Which monsters can you fight?

There are more than 20 monsters that you can defeat and capture, but the Magnamalo is the flagship monster of this game. Its face displays a horrifying malice, and its hide is as tough as armour, as if it is the physical manifestation of the grudges of fallen warriors.

The purple gas that escapes from Magnamalo’s body when he eats other monsters is called Hellfire, and it makes his already vicious attacks even more destructive. In addition to Magnamalo, players can expect to defeat a mutant Valstrax dubbed the Crimson Glow, and a Zinogre so mighty that it was crowned an Apex, among others.

Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Materials

Once you have defeated the final boss of Sunbreak, you get access to the Anomaly Quests, which starts from the Urgent Quest of MR10. Players can receive Afflicted Materials as Carves or as rewards by completing Anomaly Quests.

However, you can also get Afflicted Materials by doing Anomaly Investigations that were introduced with the Free Title Update 1. It is worth noting that for every carve, body, or tail and every broken part, you have a 20 percent chance of receiving Affiliated Materials.

In total, there are 8 Afflicted Materials for you to collect. Each material can be acquired by different monsters in a specific Anomaly Quest level. The Afflicted Material you get is determined by the monster you defeat.

To unlock all levels of Anomaly Quests to gain all Materials, players need to increase their Master Rank up to 50 and defeat Furious Rajang. To easily unlock all levels of Anomaly Quests, players can follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Complete Sunbreak’s final story quest, Proof of Courage
  • Step 2: Players can then complete the Master Rank 10 Urgent Quest, Anomaly Research, to unlock A 1-star Anomaly Quests
  • Step 3: Complete the Master Rank 20 Urgent Quest, Retribution, to unlock A 2-star Anomaly Quests
  • Step 4: Complete the Master Rank 30 Urgent Quest, Spine-Tingling Divinity, to unlock A 3-star Anomaly Quests
  • Step 5: Once all is completed, you can complete the Master Rank 50 Urgent Quest, Unreasonable Rage to unlock A 4-star Anomaly Quests
Monster Hunter Rise: Afflicted Materials
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Which Afflicted Materials can you acquire?

As previously mentioned, there are 8 Afflicted Materials you can acquire in Monster Hunter Rise. The table below lists the materials, and which monster you need to defeat to get it:

Afflicted Material Monster ranking
Afflicted Pelt A 1-star
Afflicted Bone A 1-star
Afflicted Blood A 2-star
Afflicted Monster Bone A 2-star
Afflicted Scale A 3-star
Afflicted Shell A 3-star
Afflicted Fang A 4-star
Afflicted Claw A 4-star

It is important to note that you have to break the monster parts, regardless of which material you want or which monster you are defeating. This is because you are guaranteed at least one Afflicted part per Anomaly quest. However, you get additional chances on the rewards screen for broken parts.

How to quickly increase your Master Rank

There are various methods you can use to increase your Master Rank in the game, but it is recommended that you focus on the following options:

Method Description
Specific Special Location quests Quests in a small area with a rainbow Spiribird available at the beginning are usually good choices, like the final boss. Players do not have to waste time running around the map, repeating the same quest should make you better at completing it faster
Farm for new armor sets Although this is considered the most rewarding way to increase your Master Rank, it is likely the least efficient. Players can choose Anomaly Quests with monsters that they need parts from to increase the grind efficiency
Quest clean up Players can complete outstanding optional quests to unlock new Layered Armour and Dango

Unlocking all Rarity 10 weapons

Although most Rarity 10 Weapons require a specific Afflicted Material, some require additional materials from the various Master Rank Urgent Quests. The additional materials needed to craft Rarity 10 Weapons are:

Item Requirements
Malzeno Weapons It requires materials from the MR 100 Urgent Quest Monster
Elder Dragons Tesotra, Kushala Daora, Chameleos and Crimson Glow Valstrax These weapons require materials from the Urgent Quest at Master Rank 70
Shagaru Magala You have to complete the Master Rank 50 Urgent Quest to unlock and defeat Furious Rajang
Narwa Complete the Master Rank 30 Urgent Quest to unlock Master Rank Narwa and its Master Rank Weapons and Armour
Ibushi Players have to complete the Master Rank 20 Urgent Quest to unlock Master Rank Ibushi

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