MIR4: Where to mine Darksteel

One of the resources players can find in MIR4 is Darksteel, which can be mined in the Bicheon Valley and the Snake Pit Valley, among others.


MIR4 is a popular massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It is free-to-play, which means that players can enjoy the game without paying a subscription fee or purchasing the game. Unlike any other games in the genre, MIR4 was the first game to introduce a unique free-for-all looting system.

The game allows players to claim any loot, even if they did not participate in the battle. However, this principle does not apply to treasure chest loots. When players loot a treasure chest, they have 30 seconds to reserve the loot they want, but others have the same amount of time to fight to claim the loot.

The game consists of various activities for players to participate in. They can craft items and gear, meditate, complete quests, go hunting and gather resources. However, those who want to participate in combat can also join powerful clan to participate in a large-scale player-versus-player mode, capture the Hidden Valley and declare war.


Gathering resources is a way to measure wealth in MIR4. It is important to note that there are various types of resources. Players can obtain copper, gold and mileage. Additionally, they can collect Energy and Darksteel.

How to mine Darksteel

Similar to other mining resources, players can mine Darksteel by locating an ore. It is important to note that different Darksteel ores drop different amounts of Darksteel. Once players find an ore, they can interact with it to start mining.

Where to mine Darksteel

Players can obtain Darksteel by mining in several areas, including Bicheon Valley and the Snake Pit Valley. However, they can also mine Darksteel in special areas such as the Magic Square or Secret Peak.

Additionally, players can collect this resource by doing quests which reward Darksteel when it is completed. Darksteel is also offered as a reward when players complete daily tasks and when they unlock achievements.

Why should you mine Darksteel?

It is believed that Darksteel is necessary for enchanting and enhancing. Additionally, it is used in crafting and to smelt into DRACO.

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