MIR4: Myriad Needle questline

Players can complete the Myriad Needle questline to obtain various rewards, however, completing all six sections of the questline can take some time.


MIR4 is a popular free-to-play, role-playing, open world massive multiplayer online game (MMORPG). The game allows players to venture into the world of MIR to start their own adventure. Players are able to join a powerful clan to participate in large-scale player-versus-player (PVP) with other allies and enemies. However, players can also enjoy the peaceful life of gathering, crafting and hunting.

Additionally, players can set a bounty on an enemy, collect taxes on profits, get assistance from their friends to hunt down enemies and capture the Hidden Valley. Players are also able to participate in castle sieges, join a 50-player raid in order to get rare items, and declare war. Whatever players choose, their story will be legendary.

MIR4 was the first game to introduce a unique free-for-all loot system. This means that anyone has the right to claim loot, even if players did not participate in defeating the monster. With regard to special treasure chests, players have 30 seconds to protect the loot they want. While other players have 30 seconds to fight for the right to claim the loot.

When starting to play the game, players can choose between four classes. The following table indicates the name of the class and a description of the class:

Name of the class Description of the class
Taoist Taoists are truth seekers who help others with their spells and swordsmanship. Due to their divine recovery skill, they are able to overcome any hurdles in their path.
Lancer Lancer is a tyrant on the battlefield who defeats his enemies with a long spear. This character is armed with a variety of skills that can attack and defend at the same time. They are able to break the enemy’s formation and will kill a target at any cost.
Sorcerer The Sorcerers are wielders of magic. They are able to destroy their enemies with the power of the elements. Even though they are very powerful when fighting alone, they will become stronger when they are protected by allies.
Warrior Warriors are strong fighters who crush their enemies by wielding a heavy great sword. They are armed with sturdy armour and have an unyielding will. These fighters will always step up to lead others in combat.


In MIR4, players are able to complete multiple missions and quests in order to obtain special rewards. However, many players are not aware that the game features multiple mystery missions, one of which is the Myriad Needle questline.

MIR4: Myriad Needle questline

It is important to note that the Myriad questline is divided into different sections. Players need to complete one section successfully before they are able to move on to the next. The table indicates which questline forms part of which section:

Section Mission name
Section one Herbalist Hong’s True Identity
Section two An Herb More Valuable than Gold
Section three Those Tainted by Demonic Energy
Section four Overambitious Father
Section five Flower of the Demonic Cult
Section six Mad Healer Pung’s Trace

Herbalist Hong’s True Identity

Players need to complete The Wanted of Bicheon Castle mission before they are able to start this mission. The prerequisite quest is located in the Missions tab of the Request Bicheon Castle list.

After completing The Wanted of Bicheon Castle, players will be able to start the first mission of the Myriad Needle questline. The first clue of the storyline will already be unlocked. Players should thus follow the clue’s instructions in order to unlock the second clue. It is important to note that this section features six clues players must unlock and complete.

Once the players have completed all the clues, they will be able to move onto the next section.

An Herb More Valuable than Gold

It is advised that players complete the Unexpected Income quest before doing An Herb More Valuable than Gold section. Similar to the previous section, players will have to follow clues and complete specific tasks before the next section can be unlocked. However, players need to complete seven clues before moving on to the next section.

Those Tainted by Demonic Energy

To start the third mystery, players need to complete the Demonic Cult’s Power and Demons quest. It can be found in the Missions section of the Request Crystalline Forest list. After completing the quest, players will need to finish the Rumours about the Demonic Cult Leader. The Secret of Those Tainted by Demonic Energy will only become available when both quests are completed.

Very similar to the previous quests, players need to follow clues and complete various tasks to complete the section. However, players will need to complete eight clues.

Overambitious Father

Players need to complete the Clandestine Investigation One quest before the Overambitious Father unlocks. However, to open the Secret, players need to complete all four Clandestine Investigation quests. This section of the Myriad Needle features seven clues that players need to complete.

Flower of the Demonic Cult

It is recommended that players complete the Suspicious Woman quest to unlock the Flower of the Demonic Cult. The quest can be found in the Mission section of the Request Snake Pit list. This section can take the longest to complete, as it has 11 distinct clues to follow.

Mad Healer Pung’s Trace

To start the Mad Healer Pung’s Trace, players need to complete A Flower Tinged with Moonlight quest. It is located in the Missions section of the Request Crystalline Forest list. It is important to note that players need to complete all four Bull Fiend Research quests before the Mad Healer Pung’s Trace will unlock.

Similar to the above-mentioned sections, players will need to follow 10 clues and perform various tasks to complete the mystery. Once it is completed, players will receive multiple rewards.

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