MIR4: Hidden Cliff Path

Players can complete several requests in MIR4, one of which is the Poison Attraction, which reveals that players need to travel to the Hidden Cliff Path.


MIR4 is an open-world, role-playing, free-to-play multiplayer online game (MMORPG). The game invites players to hunt enemies with their friends, join a 50-player raid and capture the Hidden Valley. Additionally, they can declare war, join a powerful clan to participate in a large-scale player-versus-player mode and set bounties on their enemies.

However, if players do not want to participate in combat, they can enjoy the peaceful life of hunting, questing, gathering, crafting and gathering. Whichever activities players choose to do, their story will be legendary.

MIR4 was the first game to introduce a unique free-for-all looting system. This allows players to claim any loot, even if they did not participate in defeating an enemy. It is important to note that this system does not apply to treasure chest loots. When looting a treasure chest, players have 30 seconds to protect the loot they want, while others have the same amount of time to fight for the right to claim the loot.

Players need to create a digital avatar before playing the game. MIR4 currently features four distinct classes that players can choose from. It is important to note that each class has unique skills and abilities. The following table indicates the name of each class and a short description of the class:

Class Description
Sorcerer The Sorcerers are wielders of magic. They are able to destroy their enemies with the power of the elements. Even though they are very powerful when fighting alone, they will become stronger when they are protected by allies.
Taoist Taoists are truth seekers who help others with their spells and swordsmanship. Due to their divine recovery skill, they are able to overcome any hurdle in their path.
Warrior Warriors are strong fighters who crush their enemies by wielding a heavy great sword. They are armed with sturdy armour and have an unyielding will. These fighters will always step up to lead others in combat.
Lancer Lancer is a tyrant on the battlefield who defeats his enemies with a long spear. This character is armed with a variety of skills that can attack and defend at the same time. He is able to break the enemy’s formation and will kill a target at any cost.

It is clear that MIR4 offers players a variety of activities to participate in and areas to explore, and one of which is the Poisoned Attraction request. Players can obtain this quest by going to the Ginkgo Valley Requests list.

To complete the quest, players will need to procure a Yellow Fever Herb. It is important to note that there is no auto-move. Players thus need to rely on the clue to trigger the request. The clue reveals that they need to find Gijeon, the requestor of Ginkgo Valley.

If players open their mini-map, they will see a scroll on the top left area of the map. The icon indicates where the players should go. It is advised that they double jump to reach the place where Gijeon is. Players should speak with him to accept the quest. The quest’s first step is to move to the Hidden Cliff Path.

MIR4: Hidden Cliff Path

To reach the Hidden Cliff Path, players will need to open their global map before selecting the Bicheon Area. When players arrive, they need to go to the Nerfariox Ruins. They will then see a place on the map called the Hidden Cliff Path. Luckily, they can select any place in the area, and the character ill automatically move there.

Once players have arrived at the Hidden Cliff Path, the clue will reveal that they need to find the Yellow Fever Herb. It is located on the northeast region. Luckily, they can open their mini map to find a question mark. The icon will indicate where the Yellow Fever Herb is.

Players will see the orange glow in the distance. Reaching the herb is easier than it looks. However, it is recommended that players double jump in its direction and press the button to fly. If they do this, they will reach it in one move. Players can gather the herb to complete the mission.


MIR4 offers players multiple areas to discover and a variety of quests to complete. One of the quests in the game is the Poisoned Attraction quest. To complete this request, players will need to travel to the Hidden Cliff Path to obtain a Yellow Fever Herb.

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