Mighty Party’s Wish Shop

Players are able to obtain more heroes by visiting the Wish Shop in Mighty Party, however, they have to unlock League 23 to access it.


Mighty Party is a popular fast-paced and tactical card online role-playing game (RPG). It is developed and published by Panoramik. The game’s official description states that it is very simple and addictive. Players simply have to tap to put a fighter on the battlefield and they only need three minutes to win.

The game can reveal a player’s tactical skills. Players should define their opponent’s weaknesses and play heroes who can change the situation on the battlefield. Each battle won will bring players top places in the rankings.

Players are able to collect and evolve hundreds of heroes and monsters. It is important to note that each hero or monster features unique abilities. Additionally, they have epic combinations of fighting and magic skills.

It is required that players plan their own defence and offensive turn-based strategy with thousands of card combinations. It is recommended that they use their writs, come up with tactics and strategise to defeat their enemies.

In addition to the battles, the game offers various activities for players to participate in, such as the Wish Shop. It is a special in-game event available at League 23. A League is the status that shows a player’s level in the game. It is determined by the Fame points earned in battles in Hall of Fame.

Players will start their journey at League 30 as a disciple. Once players reach League 17, they will become a teacher. At the end, they reach the highest status, Grand Master. Players will then become one of the masters in Grand Master League as they proceed in the game.

The Wish Shop

As mentioned above, players can visit the Wish Shop once they unlock League 23. It occurs monthly and usually lasts for three days. The shop allows players to add up to three Legendary Heroes to the possible rewards of a spin.

Hero selection

It is also important that the number of heroes that can be selected are based on the players League. The following table indicates the number of heroes that players can select and the League level:

League level Number of heroes
League 5 and higher Players can select 3 heroes
Between League 6 and League 15 Players are able to select 2 heroes
Between League 16 and 23 Players can only select 1 hero

Players need to remember that once a hero is selected, it cannot be selected again for two Wish Shops. They can select a locked hero to see when it will unlock.


Players who have reached League 23 will receive one free spin every 24 hours. However, players are able to purchase additional spins. The cost for a single spin is approximately 299 Gems, while the cost for 10 spins is approximately 2 499 Gems.

Players are able to purchase Gems by using real-life money. However, the Gems can be collected in the Gem mine, doing the daily quests or completing the steps of High Growth. Additionally, players can win Gems in the Guild Turf Wars.


Chest Drops

In addition to the heroes, players have a chance to obtain Contribution, Elixir and Gems. It is important to know that the first spin during the event will always reward players with a legendary hero. After that, the chance of getting a specific reward is constant, but how many of that reward players get is based on maximum league.

Bonus Chest

Every chest opened, including the chest from the free daily spin, contributes towards a bonus chest. The bonus chest will always contain legendary heroes. It is important to note that the contents and requirements per bonus chest increase with each bonus chest opened.

The Wish Shop tips

Players should remember that the purpose of the Wish Shop is not to be a large source of hero souls. Instead, it is to unlock the heroes that will strengthen players’ squads to progress in the game easier. The earlier players can add heroes to their collection, the earlier they can see those heroes showing up as rewards whenever they unlock a legendary chest.

When players feel confident that their squad is as strong as they can make it, they can consider obtaining soulbind heroes. This will make players’ squad members even stronger.

It is advised that they obtain a Carry hero as soon as possible. The Carry can be developed through summons and the Black Market. In an ideal world, the Carry would have a fully unlocked Evolution line to obtain more souls.

If players are unsure of what to pick to improve their squad, it is recommended that they pick the following heroes:

  • Charon
  • Blair
  • Dead Lord
  • Soul Catcher
  • Eostre the Dawn Glow

These heroes can easily fit into any squad, regardless of the composition. If players have just started to play Mighty Heroes, it is advised that they create a legendary squad. Players can use Shadow Shaa-Moona, Legion, God of War and Grace of Rockfleet in their squad.

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