Mighty Party’s High Growth

It is believed that High Growth is one of the best events in Mighty Party, as it rewards the players with a lot of Gems.


Mighty Party is a fast-paced, tactical, online card role-playing game (RPG). It is published and developed by Panoramik. The game’s official description reveals that it is a very simple and addictive game. Players simply have to tap to put a fighter on the battlefield, and they allegedly only need three minutes to win.

The game can reveal a player’s tactical skills. Players should define their opponent’s weaknesses and play heroes who can change the situation on the battlefield. Each battle won will bring players top places in the rankings.

Players are able to collect and evolve hundreds of heroes and monsters. It is important to note that each monster, and hero features unique abilities. Additionally, they have epic combinations of fighting and magic skills.

It is required that players plan their own offense and defence turn-based strategy with thousands of card combinations. It is recommended that they use their wits, come up with tactics and strategise to defeat their enemies.

In addition to the battles, the game offers various activities for players to participate in, one of which is High Growth Fable. It is a mini event which happens once a month. It is important to note that the event usually starts on a Friday and lasts for three days.

High Growth Fable

It is believed that the High Growth Fable is one of the best mini events in Mighty Party. Players are able to obtain a large number of Gems if they are doing a large number of level-ups. During the event, they can improve their collection and claim the Gems right away.

It is important to note that the more levels players raise, the more gems they will receive. During the High Growth event, players are able to complete 15 quests. Players can discover how many heroes they need to level up in the quest description. For example, quest one states that players need to level up heroes 10 times, while quest 10 reveals that players need to level up heroes 500 times.

Each quest completed will reward the player with a specific number of Gems. When players complete the first quest, they will receive 50 Gems. However, as players complete more quests, the number of Gems will increase. If players complete quest 10, they will receive 7 500 Gems.

High Growth tiers

The following table indicates the quest, number of level ups and rewards. Additionally, it shows the total level ups, total rewards and ratio of the total:

Quest number Number of level ups Reward Ratio Total level ups Total reward Ratio of the total
1 10 50 Gems 5 10 50 Gems 5
2 15 100 Gems 6,7 25 150 Gems 6
3 25 200 Gems 8 50 350 Gems 7
4 40 350 Gems 8.75 90 700 Gems 7.8
5 70 650 Gems 9.3 160 1350 Gems 8.4
6 115 1100 Gems 9.6 275 2450 Gems 8.9
7 175 1800 Gems 10.3 450 4250 Gems 9.4
8 250 3000 Gems 12 700 7250 Gems 10.4
9 350 4500 Gems 12.9 1050 11 750 Gems 11
10 500 7500 Gems 15 1550 19 250 Gems 12.4
11 800 12 000 Gems 15 2350 31 250 Gems 13.3
12 1300 19 500 Gems 15 3650 50 750 Gems 14
13 2000 30 000 Gems 15 5650 80 750 Gems 14.3
14 3000 45 500 Gems 15 8650 125750 Gems 14.5
15 4500 67 500 15 13 150 193250 Gems 14.7

Estimation of Level-ups

Panoramic recently implemented the MightyBot utility. Players can use the bot to obtain various information about the status of their account, with regards to the High Growth Fable. It is required that players register their account to the bot. Players can use the “!register <account ID>” command in the bot-request channel in Mighty Party Discord.

Once the registration is completed, players can then issue the command, “!hg”.

The “Available Level Ups” indicates how many times the account is able to level-up one of the heroes. While the estimated costs show how much gold it will cost to perform all of the available level-ups. Players can discover the number of Gems they can earn when they look at the “Reward Gems.”

Additionally, the “Spare Level Up” indicates who many level ups will remain after the final High Growth reward tier is collected. Lastly, the “Next Tier” shows how many more level-ups is required to reach the next High Growth reward tier.


Mighty Party allows players to participate in various in-game events, one of which is High Growth. During this event, players are able to level-up their heroes to obtain Gems. There are 15 quests in the event and each rewards the player with a specific number of Gems.

Players are able to use the MightyBot to discover more information regarding their level-ups. However, they need to register their account with the bot to use it.

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