MCoC: Underground Market

Summoners who are willing to spend real money in MCoC can redeem items from the limited-time Underground Market.

In Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) you can assume the role of a Summoner who is taken by the Collector to build a team of legendary Marvel heroes and villains to battle each other.

To make headway in the game, you have to complete quest-based battles, and you can also battle other players’ characters to earn experience points.

Underground Market

On Thursday, 23 November 2023, the game revealed on X (previously known as Twitter) that Baron Zemo’s Underground Market will be active from Friday, 24 November 2023 until Friday, 1 December 2023.

MCoC: Underground Market
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While the Underground Market is active, Summoners can claim their items and get bonuses when acquiring units.

According to the official description, the gates of Baron Zemo’s Underground Maret are open, the questionably obtained goods are ready to be sold, and your time is limited!

Players who are Proven or higher may need to stock up on Units to make the most of these offers, but fortunately, there are goods smuggled into every Unit pack as well.

Purchasing Unit Packs while the Underground Market is active will grant you bonus resources, though the items will vary based on your current story progression.

Summoners who purchase all available Unit Packs in the game, excluding the Cavalier and higher exclusive Reliquary Pack, will get a special bonus tuned to their Story Progression.

There is a chance that you could acquire a 6-Star Rare Champion Selector or 7-Star Champions.

Bear in mind though that this special reward can only be obtained via purchases made within the game itself, and not outside storefronts, such as the official MCoC website.

Unit Store

You essentially have to purchase items in the Unit Store to earn items from the Underground Market. Some of the items available for purchase in the Unit Store are listed below:

Item Description Price
Collector’s Dailly Card Guarantees a 2-star Hero as a signing bonus $1.18
4-Star Deadpool Bundle It consists of Deadpool, tier 4 mutant ISO and Gold $5.36
Star Lord’s Loot Bag Players will receive 275 premium currency $10/73
Infinity Chaos Booster Pack This Pack contains 6 unique offers, each with amazing items $5.36

Which items will you get from the Underground Market?

As previously explained, the rewards you get from the Underground Market are determined by how far you have progressed in the Story.

For example, a level 3 player may receive Crystals, which will help them expand their Champion Roster.

A higher-level player may receive ISO-8 items to enhance their Champions or Health Potions to heal their Champions before a battle.

There is also a chance that you could obtain Revive orbs to bring your Champion back from the dead if the opponent killed them.

It is therefore impossible to know what rewards you will earn from the Underground Market, as every player is at a different part of the Story.

MCoC webstore

In addition to the in-game store, players can visit the MCoC webstore to purchase limited deals, however, purchasing these deals does not count towards the Underground Market.

You have to purchase a Unit Pack from the in-game store to receive a bonus item from the Underground Market.

However in the webstore, you will notice the Underground Market section, which shows you the offers available based on your in-game progression. Keep in mind that you have to log in with your account to view the available offers.

If you are yet to create an account, you can do so by opening the Settings menu in the game. You have to follow the given instructions to create your account, which you can then use to view the offers in the webstore.

Do you have to spend money?

Some MCoC players are not willing to spend any money in the game, which means that they are cannot enjoy the Underground Market.

Gamers should bear in mind that purchasing an item from the Underground Market will not have a direct influence on your gameplay and it is not mandatory.

But you may receive items from the Underground Market that will boost your Champions, which means that they will be able to vanquish opponents faster.

If you decide not to spend real money in MCoC, you will still be able to enjoy the game as normal.

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