MCoC: Summoner Market

MCoC’s Summoner’s Market is a webstore that allows Summoners to purchase valuable items with real money

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) invites players to assemble a powerful team of heroes and villains to face the challenge of a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor.

You ultimately have to prevent the total destruction of The Marvel Universe.

Summoner Market

In June 2023 the game’s developer, Kabam Games, introduced the official MCoC web-based store; the Summoner’s Market.

This store is essentially a web-based version of the in-game store that Summoners can access and make purchases on directly from the official MCoC website.

MCoC: Summoner Market
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Unlike the in-game store, the Summoner’s Market allows players to use a wider variety of patent options, which means that it is entirely independent of your App Store provider.

If you purchase an item from the Summoner’s market, chance are you will receive special bonuses as well as unique options which are not available in the game.

There are general items that you can purchase from the Summoner’s Market, however, sometimes there are rare items that you can purchase.

You can purchase Unit Bundles with bonus Units from the Summoner’s Market, however, it is believed that the Webstore is the greatest value for Unit Bundle purchases as you will receive additional Units.

Summoner’s Market also features a special Potion bundle that you can purchase once a week. Furthermore, the Webstore has special daily offers that you cannot purchase from the in-game store.

We therefore recommend that you regularly check which items are available for purchase, as the items change on a regular basis.

Items available for purchase

As previously explained, the webstore has items available for purchase which are not always available in MCoC. The table below lists the items you can currently purchase from the Summoner’s Market:

Item Price
Peter Parker’s Wallet $4.99
Star-Lord’s Loot Bag $9.99
Tony Stark’s Briefcase $29.99
Black Panther’s Treasure $49.99
All-Father Odin’s Vault $99.99
Namor’s Sunken Riches $ 199.99
Grandmaster’s Daily Special $4.99
Challenger Daily Crystal Free
Weekly Webstore Crystal Free
Tier 1 Primordial Dust Bundle $9.99
Potion Refresh Bundle $19.99

Free items

As seen in the above table, some of the items featured in the Summoner’s Market can be claimed for free, which means that you will not have to spend any money to claim them.

That being said, you need to log into your Kabam account to claim the free items and purchase items from the Summoner’s Market.

Any item that you purchase or claim from the Summoner’s Market for free will instantly be added to your inventory in MCoC. You therefore do not have to worry that the items that you claim, or purchase will not show up in the game.


Each of the packages available for purchase contain rich items which can influence your gameplay. The table below lists the contents of each package available for purchase from the Summoner’s Market:

Item Contents
Peter Parker’s Wallet
  • 150 Units
Star-Lord’s Loot Bag
  • 310 Units
Tony Stark’s Briefcase
  • 940 Units
Black Panther’s Treasure
  • 1600 Units
All-Father Odin’s Vault
  • 3140 Units
Namor’s Sunken Riches
  • 7040 Units
Grandmaster’s Daily Special
  • 2 Grandmaster Nexus Crystal Selectors
  • 9 000 Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments
  • 4500 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
  • 2 000 5-Star Crystal Shards
  • 1 Grandmaster Stamp
Challenger Daily Crystal
  • It can be used to acquire a 3-Star Hero
Weekly Webstore Crystal
  • This Crystal offers you a chance at Hero Crystals and shards as well as Basic, Class and Alpha Fragments and Catalysts. You can also obtain Boosts, Units, Potions, Revives, Mastery Cores and you have a rare chance of earning a 7-Star champion
Tier 1 Primordial Dust Bundle
  • 25 Tier 1 Primordial Dust
  • 3 Tier 5 Class ISO-8 Selectors
  • 250 000 Gold
Potion Refresh Bundle
  • 10 Level 6 Health Potions
  • 15 Level 5 Health Potions
  • 20 Level 4 Health Potions
  • 15 Level  4 Team Health Potions
  • 5 Level 3 Revives
  • 5 Level 2 Revives

How to create a Kabam account

Before you can purchase an item from the Summoner’s Market, you must create a Kabam account. To do this, you have to open the Settings menu in MCoC.

In this menu you will be able to link your progress to a Kabam account, but you will also be able to create a Kabam account if you do not have one.

Summoners simply have to follow the given instructions to create their Kabam accounts. Once your account has been created, you can go to the Summoner’s Market, log into your account and purchase the items you want.

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