MCoC: Shot to the Ironheart Rewards

Summoners who complete the various paths in MCoC’s Shot to the Ironheart side quest will receive an abundance of rewards.

Marvel Contest of Champions is an adventurous video game that regularly hosts events that you can participate in.

One of the events that Summoners can enjoy is Shot to the Ironheart, however, players have to unlock it by completing the ‘I would do Anything for Love’ and ‘But I Won’t Do That’ solo objectives.

The Shot to the Ironheart event consists of 5 Threat Levels which increase in difficulty. Since this event is essentially a Rift, you will have to select your Threat Level to begin the activity.

It is noteworthy that the path you have to complete is randomly selected.

You can preview the rewards of every path before starting the activity. Allegedly, each path allows players to choose their rewards.

For instance, you can choose between 6-Star Crystal Shards, Gold, Tier 6 Basic Catalyst Fragments, Tier 3 Alpha Catalyst Fragments or 5-Star Relic Crystal Shards.

Since there are 5 Threat Levels and various paths on every level, it is impossible to determine what your rewards will be for completing the path. However we recommend that you choose rewards that you will benefit the most from.

In other words, if you have enough Gold, you should not select Gold as your reward, but instead, select an item that you do not have much of.

In addition to progressing in the Rift, you will also earn rewards for completing the solo objectives. That being said, remember that your rank determines the rewards that you will earn.

This essentially means that Paragon players will receive different rewards than Proven players. However, this does not mean that the rewards are less valuable.

MCoC: Shot to the Ironheart Rewards
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Unlocking Shot to the Ironheart paths

Players have to acquire Heart Coded Entry Keys to unlock the paths in the Shot to the Ironheart event.

To acquire keys, you have to progress in the ‘I would Do Anything For Love’ solo quest, for which you have to complete the following:

Objective Reward
Win a Fight 1 point
Win a Fight with a #Romance Tagged Champion 2 points
Win a Fight with a #It’s Complicated Tagged Champion 2 points

Every rank in this event requires a specific number of points and if you reach the rank, you will receive Heart-Coded Keys. Keep in mind though that you will only earn a specific number of keys per week.

Which Threat Level should you choose?

Before deciding on a Threat Level, you need to consider the strength of your Romance and It’s Complicated tagged Champions. Once you have determined their strength, you can choose the Threat Level that you want to complete.

It is worth noting that if you select Threat Level 3, you will also earn Threat Level 1 and Threat Level 2’s rewards.

For this reason, several players select the most difficult Threat Level to earn all the available rewards, though your roster has to be incredibly powerful if you want to complete Threat Level 5.


Players can find the Shot to the Ironheart side quest event in the “Fight” menu of MCoC, but unfortunately, not everyone will be able to enjoy the activity. In order to gain access to the side quest, you have to reach the Proven Story Milestone.

This means that Challenger Summoners will not be able to enjoy the event. It is believed that the game’s developers implement these requirements because Proven players will have progressed further in the game than Challengers.

Moreover, a Proven player’s roster will be more enhanced than a Challenger’s roster. The enemies in the side quest will also be incredibly difficult for a Challenger to destroy, therefore, only players who have reached the Proven rank can enjoy the event.

‘But I Won’t Do That’ rewards

In addition to the ‘I Will Do Anything For Love’ solo objective’s rewards, you can progress in the “But I Won’t Do That’’ solo objective to earn rewards.

The rewards, however, are determined by your rank in MCoC:

Rank Rewards
  • User Title: Heartless
  • 30 T4 Class ISO-8 (2000)
  • 60 T3 Class ISO-8 (825)
  • 2 000 Sand and Steel Crystal Shards
  • 120 000 Gold
Uncollected /Conqueror
  • User Title: Heartless
  • 30 T4 Class ISO-8 (2000)
  • 60 T5 Class ISO-8 (5000)
  • 4 000 Sand and Steel Crystal Shards
  • 200 000 Gold
  • User Title: Heartless
  • 60 T5 Class ISO-8 (5000)
  • 4 000 Sand and Steel Crystal Shards
  • 300 000 Gold
  • User Title: Heartless
  • 60 T5 Class ISO-8 (5000)
  • 2000 Sand and Steel Crystal Shards
  • 450 000 Gold
Paragon +
  • User Title: Heartless
  • T6 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal 5 percent
  • 60 T5 Class ISO-8 (5000)
  • 2000 Sand and Steel Crystal Shards
  • 1 200 000 Gold

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