MCoC: Romance Champions 2024

MCoC Summoners have to use specific #Romance tagged Champions to complete an array of events which are based on love.

To celebrate the month of love, Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) is hosting a variety of Valentine’s Day-based events.

The events are themed around Valentine’s Day, and you can earn an abundance of rewards by completing each event’s objectives.

The ‘I would Do Anything for Love’ event, for instance, requires that players win a fight with a #Romance Tagged Champion to earn 2 points. By earning points, you will earn Heart-Coded Entry keys, which will give you access to Rifts.

There are various Valentine’s Day-themed events that require players to fight with and against #Romance tagged characters to complete objectives. Not all Champions are considered Romance tagged characters.

MCoC: Romance Champions 2024
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It is therefore crucial that you know which characters are #Romance tagged as you can only complete the events’ objectives by using these characters.

If you use Champions that are not #Romance tagged, you will not receive any points or rewards.

Fortunately, there are more than 10 #Romance tagged Champions that you can use to complete an event’s objectives.

In order to earn points for the various Valentine’s Day-themed events, you have to use the following #Romance Tagged Champions:

  • Angela
  • Archangel
  • Black Panther
  • Black Widow
  • Star-Lord
  • Colossus
  • Cyclops
  • Captain Marvel
  • Daredevil
  • Domino
  • Elektra
  • Gambit
  • Hercules
  • Hulkling
  • Invisible Woman
  • Iron Man
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Daredevil (H.K)
  • O.D.O.K
  • Medus
  • Luke Cage
  • Mojo
  • Moon Knight
  • Namor
  • Phoenix
  • Psylocke
  • Rogue
  • She-Hulk
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Super Iron Man
  • Wolverine
  • Tigra
  • Winter Soldier
  • Emma Frost
  • Wolverine

February 2024 events

There are numerous events and side quests that you can complete in February 2024. The following table lists some of the events that you can enjoy:

Name Description
Shattered Ironheart Rifts Players must gather materials for special romance-seeking-suits in Shattered Ironheart Rifts by cracking their code with Heart-Coded Keys.
But I Won’t Do That You have to defeat a #Romance Tagged Champion and a #It’s Complicated Tagged Champion to earn points
Un-Break my Ironheart To earn points during this event, you have to complete a Shattered Ironheart Rift
Meta Crystals Summoners can open Steel and Sand Crystals to add a range of Champions to their roster

Which Romance characters should you use?

Since there are various Romance characters available, it can be difficult to know which Champions you should use for the events.

You may already  have a few of the Romance characters in your collection, however, you should use the Champions that have the highest level and the best gear.

The stronger the Champion is, the easier it will be to vanquish your opponent. For the events that require that you defeat a Romance tagged Champion, we recommend that you use the best counter for that character.

If you do not have one of the mentioned Romance characters in your roster, you will not be able to complete the events’ objectives.

How to acquire a Romance character

If you are yet to add a Romance Champion to your roster, you will not be able to enjoy the events. But  we believe that there is still enough time to add a Romance character to your roster before the events conclude.

It is worth remembering that some Champions are easier to acquire than others.

If you open your roster, you will also find a list of the characters that you are yet to collect. MCoC players can  click on the Champion’s profile to see how they can be acquired.

That being said, there is no guarantee that you will receive the Champion that you want even if you open the specific orb or complete the specific node.

Event rewards

There are numerous events that you can enjoy with your Romance characters, and every event will reward you with different items.

The rewards you will earn depend on your rank at the time, which means that Paragon players will receive higher quality items than Proven players. Some of the rewards you can earn are:

Name Rewards
Shattered Ironheart Rifts
  • Basic Catalyst Fragments
  • Gold
  • Hero Crystal Shards
  • Sand and Steel Crystal Shards
  • Basic Alloy Fragments
  • Alpha Catalysts
But I Won’t Do That
  • User Title: Heartless
  • Class ISO-8
  • Sand and Steel Crystal Shards
  • Gold
Un-Break my Ironheart
  • User Title: Forged to Fight
  • Signature Stones
  • Basic Catalysts
  • Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
  • Hero Crystal Shards
  • Primordial Dust
  • Relic Shards
  • Relic Basic Alloy
  • Primordial Dust
Meta Crystals If you open the Crystals, you can add the following Champions to your roster:

  • Attuma
  • Black Panther
  • Captain Marvel
  • Doctor Octopus
  • Dragon Man
  • Human Torch
  • Iron Man
  • Jubilee
  • Karnak
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Odin
  • Odin
  • Rhino
  • Sandman
  • Shuri
  • Storm
  • Terrax
  • Thor
  • Viv Vision
  • Wolverine
  • Shuri

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