MCoC: Road to the Crypt

In MCoC’s Road to the Crypt event, players had to complete the Necropolis map by defeating enemies to reach milestone thresholds.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) players were able to participate in a limited-time event called Road to the Crypt to earn rich rewards.

The developers announced in a livestream prior to the event’s release that they will be tracking the entire MCoC community’s accumulated deaths in Necropolis.

MCoC: Road to the Crypt
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This total will reach milestone thresholds, which will unlock in-game rewards. However, only players who completed Necropolis by Monday, 15 January 2024 will get these rewards.

You therefore had to progress through the Necropolis map in order to vanquish enemies.

That being said, there were different journeys that players were able to embark on, some of which were more difficult than others.

Some players therefore decided to take the easiest path, while others selected one of the more difficult paths to test their characters’ capabilities.

Regardless of the path that you choose during the Road to the Crypt event, you will still receive rewards if you complete the Necropolis map.

Similarly to other maps in MCoC, every node that you successfully cleared during the event rewarded you with items.

The items were determined by the path you selected, which means that players who selected a more difficult path may have received better quality rewards.

MCoC’s developers regularly updated the death counter to give players an indication of how many enemies they had vanquished and how many enemies they still have to defeat in order to reach the milestone thresholds.

At the time of writing, the final death count is unknown as the developers are working to determine the exact number.

However, the last update that the developers released regarding the death count revealed that players vanquished more than 10 million enemies in Necropolis.

Road to the Crypt rewards

During the livestream prior to the event’s release, the developers also announced some of the rewards that players who complete the Necropolis will earn.

The table below lists some of the rewards for completing the Necropolis:

Death count Rewards
50 000 Abyss Nexus Crystal
100 000 T6 Class Catalyst
250 000 3 000 x 7-star Hero Crystal Shards
0 000 100 x T2 Primordial Dust
750 000 5-star Nexus Relic
1 000 000 5 000 x 7-star Hero Crystal Shards
2 000 000 6-star Rellic
3 000 000 15 000 x 7-star Hero Crystal Shards
4 000 000 200 x T2 Primordial Dust
5 000 000 7-star 1 to 2 Rank Up Gem

When will you receive the rewards?

If you successfully completed the Necropolis while the event was active, you would have received extremely valuable rewards.

MCoC recently announced that they are tallying up the grand total of KOs in the Necropolis and that it will take some time to finalize the number of deaths as well as the list of Summoners who completed the Necropolis.

The developers also announced that they will attempt to deliver the final rewards to eligible players by Wednesday, 17 January 2024.

Currently, the exact rewards are unknown as players vanquished more than 10 million enemies from the Necropolis map.

However, we do recommend that you keep an eye on your in-game mail to see which rewards you got and to claim them as soon as they are released.

What if you did not complete the Necropolis

Some players started the Necropolis on their chosen path but for a variety of reasons, they were not able to complete the entire map.

Unfortunately, these players will not receive the previously mentioned rewards as the developers revealed that only players who completed the entire map would receive the rewards.

Since the Road to the Crypt event has concluded, you can now complete the Necropolis map to earn the rewards.

That being said, MCoC regularly hosts in-game events which have unique tasks and objectives that you have to complete to earn rewards.

We therefore recommend that you check which events are currently active and complete the objectives to earn rewards.

When is the next Road to the Crypt event?

At the time of writing, it is unknown when the next Road to the Crypt event will occur. That being said, MCoC is yet to announce whether or not they will host the event again.

However, the developers may host a similar event in the future which will require that players complete a map and vanquish enemies to earn rich rewards.

Players should regularly check their in-game mail and event menu to see which events are currently active.

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