MCoC: Road to the Crypt Rewards

MCoC players who completed the Necropolis map during the Road to the Crypt event will receive a variety of rewards on Wednesday, 17 January 2024.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) regularly hosts limited-time events for which players have to complete unique objectives in order to earn rich rewards.

One of these events is Road of the Crypt and to progress in this event, you had to vanquish enemies from the Necropolis map.

When the event was first announced, the developers revealed that they will track the entire MCoC community’s accumulated deaths in Necropolis. The total will then reach milestone thresholds, which, when met, will unlock in-game rewards.

Unfortunately, only gamers who completed the entire Necropolis map by Monday, 15 January 2024 will receive the milestone rewards.

This means that if you did not manage to complete the map, you will not receive the milestone rewards when it is finally released.

However if you successfully completed the Necropolis map, you will earn a variety of rewards. You will receive an Abyss Nexus Crystal, T6 Class Catalyst, 7-star Hero Crystal Shards and T2 Primordial Dust.

Furthermore, players will receive 5-star Nexus Relics, 6-star Relics and a 7-star 1 to 2 Rank Up Gem. Keep in mind, however, that these are just the first 10 milestones, for which players had to defeat 5 000 000 enemies.

MCoC recently released that players were able to defeat more than 10 million enemies, which essentially means that you will get additional rewards.

According to YouTuber, KT1, players will also receive Titan Shards and a TGCC Selector for completing the Necropolis map.


In order to get the above-mentioned rewards, players had to reach specific milestone thresholds. Every time you defeated an enemy, you helped progress the death counter, which contributed to reaching a variety of milestones.

The following table lists the Road to the Crypt Milestones and the rewards:

Milestone Rewards
50 000 Abyss Nexus Crystal
100 000 T6 Class Catalyst
250 000 3 000 x 7-star Hero Crystal Shards
0 000 100 x T2 Primordial Dust
750 000 5-star Nexus Relic
1 000 000 5 000 x 7-star Hero Crystal Shards
2 000 000 6-star Relic
3 000 000 15 000 x 7-star Hero Crystal Shards
4 000 000 200 x T2 Primordial Dust
5 000 000 7-star 1 to 2 Rank Up Gem
MCoC: Road to the Crypt Rewards
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Necropolis map

While the Road to the Crypt was active, players had to progress through the Necropolis map.

However, only players who have reached the Paragon rank had access to the Necropolis mode. In order to progress through the map, you had to decide which path you wanted to take.

This map consists of 6 paths, however, some paths are considered more difficult than others. Some players selected an easier path while others chose a more difficult path to put their heroes to the test.

Regardless of the path that you selected, if you completed the Necropolis map at least once, you will qualify for the Road to the Crypt rewards.

MCoC: Road to the Crypt Rewards
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Several players managed to complete the map several times, but keep in mind that you will only earn rewards for completing the map once.

When will the rewards be released?

MCoC recently announced that they are working to determine how many enemies players vanquished on the Necropolis map and which Summoners managed to complete the Necropolis map.

Since players managed to vanquish more than 10 million opponents from the map, the developers mentioned that it may take a few days to release the rewards.

However, MCoC will attempt to release the rewards by Wednesday, 17 January 2024.

That being said, MCoC may announce that they need additional time to determine the exact number of enemies  defeated and the list of Summoners who completed the Necropolis map.

We recommend that you check the in-game news section as well as the MCoC forums regularly to stay up to date with the latest news.

Where to find Road to the Crypt updates

Unfortunately, MCoC does not release the Road to the Crypt reward updates in the game, which means that players have to check the official MCoC forums as well as the MCoC X ( previously known as Twitter) platform regularly to stay up to date with official news.

The last update on X revealed that players have vanquished more than 10 million enemies from the Necropolis map.

The last update on the MCoC forums mentioned that the developers are working to determine the list of Summoners who completed the Necropolis map and how many enemies were destroyed.

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