MCoC: New Camera Lens

MCoC’s Letters from Champions requires that you  win a fight with or against the Champion who asked for a new camera lens, and we recommend that you use Spider-Man.

Marvel Contest of Champions is a video game based on the events of the limited comic book series of the same name.

You can take on the role of a Summoner who is tasked by the Collector to build a team of Marvel characters and pit them against one another in combat.

New Camera Lens

In addition to following the main arc and vanquishing foes in battles, you can participate in numerous events.

One of these events is Letters From Champions, in which requires you have to complete specific tasks and objectives to earn rich rewards.

Letters from Champions Week 1 requires that players win a fight with or against a Champion who asked for a new camera lens for the holidays.

Although the objective gives players a hint about who they have to use or duel, some players are struggling to figure out who they have to use.

MCoC: New Camera Lens
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On the official MCoC Discord channel several players have asked who they have to use or duel  to complete this objective. Allegedly, you have to use Spider-Man (Classic) to complete this task and earn rewards.

We recommend that you go to Road to the Labyrinth, Chapter 1 Quest 1 and select Spider-Man (Classic.) Keep in mind that you do not have to fight manually, you can select the autofight option for only 1 energy per fight.

Can you use other Spider-Man versions?

If you are yet to collect Spider-Man (Classic) you can use other versions of Spider-Man to complete Week 1 of Letters from Champions.

Several players have mentioned that they have used the original Spider-Man and Symbiote Spider-Man to complete this task.

However,  allegedly,  you can also use Spider-Man (Stealth) and Spider-Man (Stark) to complete the objective and earn rewards.

According to the official MCoC Discord channel, any Peter Parker character will be able to complete this task.

Do you have to duel Spider-Man?

As previously mentioned, you can either use one of the Spider-Man versions to fight an enemy, or you can duel Spider-Man with one of your collected characters to complete the task.

If you are interested in dueling Spider-Man, it is advisable that you search Spiderman1204 in the character search bar to duel Spider-Man.

That being said, you do not have to duel Spider-Man because you will earn rewards when you are playing as Spider-Man.

However, if you sold all your Spider-Man champions, the only way to complete this task is to duel Spider-Man.

What are the other Letters from Champions tasks?

At the time of writing, the other Letter from Champions tasks are unknown. We therefore recommend that you log into the game regularly to see what the next objective is that you have to complete to earn rewards.

Keep in mind, though, that these tasks are unlocked on a weekly basis, so the next task will only be released next week.

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