MCoC: Necropolis Easy Path

In order to defeat all the opponents you encounter in MCoC Necropolis’ Easy Path, we recommend that you use a 6-star Aegon.

In Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) you can take on the role of a Summoner, who is tasked by the Collector with building a team of Marvel heroes and villains.

Players have to pit their characters against one another in epic combat situations.

Necropolis Easy Path

In addition to embarking on quests to vanquish Kang and Thanos, you can enjoy numerous game modes which require that you complete unique objectives.

Kabam, the game’s developer, recently announced that players can enjoy a new game mode known as The Necropolis, which consists of different difficulty modes.

Even though you can select the easiest path available to enjoy this activity, it may still be difficult to complete. If you select the easiest path, you may be able to complete the path with about 30 revives if you are a very good player.

However, most players need to prepare to revive their characters between 60 and 100 times. According to YouTuber, Seatin Man of Legends, the first 5 enemies are considered the most difficult  to defeat.

If you successfully destroy them, the rest of the path will be incredibly easy to complete.

Before you begin the path you need to decide which Champion you want to use to defeat the opponents. Most players use Aegon as he can demolish everything in his way.

If you are interested in completing the Necropolis with a 100 percent completion rate, we recommend that you use a 6-star Aegon.

He has allegedly worked for every single path in the activity and is perfect for approximately 95 percent of the fights.


You will have to defeat various opponents as you advance in the Necropolis easy path. The table below lists the opponents you will encounter:

Champion number First half of path Second half of path
1 Titania Guardian
2 Aarkus Valkyrie
3 Omega Sentinel Red Guardian
4 Air Walker Captain America (Sam)
5 Captain Britain Dragon Man
6 Wiccan Captain America
7 Psycho Man Nova

Although there are different opponents, you should use Aegon to defeat all of them. Keep in mind, though, that you may have to revive your Champion a few times in a fight to vanquish your opponent.

Team setup

In addition to using Aegon, we advise you to use a Champion which is immune to reverse controls, as this will make the final phase of the Grandmaster significantly easier. You can therefore use Professor X, Juggernaut or Wiccan.

It is crucial that you bring a Champion with Reverse Controls immunity if you want the fight in the last phase to go smoothly.

If you do not use a Champion with this Immunity, your controls will be in reverse, which will make it incredibly difficult for you to destroy the final opponent.

Additionally, you can use Champions that will enhance Aegon’s abilities. Seatin Man of Legends recommends that gamers use Heimall, as he can intercede on your behalf. Furthermore, we recommend that you use Proxima Midnight with Nick Fury.


When you have defeated all of the opponents above mentioned, you need to destroy the Grandmaster. Players should note that this fight has a few twists which can have a great influence on how the battle progresses.

The Grandmaster has 4 challenge phases, however, entering a new Phase resets both Champions’ Power meters to 0 and removes all Tokens of Adequacy.

After completing a Phase, the Grandmaster prepares for the next Phase for 6 seconds.

During this time, neither champion will gain power and the Grandmaster will be indestructible and very defensive. Throughout every phase, you will get opportunities to push the Grandmaster to certain states.

When he enters a certain phase, he is stunned, so he gains attack and critical rating for each Token of Adequacy that they possess.

Hits from Strikers always benefit from Tokens and activating a Striker pauses the state until 4 seconds after the striker leaves. When the Grandmaster leaves the state, all Tokens of Adequacy are removed and the current Phase restarts.

Players should remember that every phase of the Grandmaster battle has certain rules that must be followed.

For instance, phase 2 follows the rules of the game, “Simon Says”, which means that you have to act out everything the Grandmaster says, but only if he utters the words, “Grandmaster Says”


If you successfully defeat the opponents in the Necropolis easy path, players will be rewarded generously. You could get a 7-star Basic Crystal, Generic Rank 4 to 5 Gem and 200 Tier 2 Ascension Dust.

Keep in mind that you need to complete certain nodes in the easiest path to receive these rewards though.

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