MCoC: Make it There

In McoC’s Make it There Event Quest, Summoners have to defeat a series of bosses with unique mechanics to earn rewards

Marvel Contest of Champions players can now participate in the Make it There event quest, which requires that you defeat a series of enemies to earn rich rewards.

To begin this event, you have to select the “Fight” option on the main screen of the game. After clicking on the “Event Quest” tab in the next menu, you can start your progress in the event.

Unfortunately, only players who have reached the Contender Story Milestone can participate in this event.

MCoC: Make it There

The first boss you will have to defeat is Luke Cage, who has the Unblockable Specials active buff.

According to YouTuber, Joel MCOC Gaming, this fight can be relatively easy if you select the right attacker. After successfully vanquishing Luke Cage, you will have to defeat The Hood.

During this fight you have to wait for the taunt timer to deplete to deal a parry.

The next fight will put you against Daredevil (H.K) and we recommend that you perform 5 hit combos to vanquish him. Summoners then have to defeat Mister Negative, and he has many node combos.

The next fight you have to win is against White Tiger, and during this fight, your champion will be rooted every 6 seconds, however, you will still be able to attack, dodge and block during this time. Summoners then have to face Bullseye.

It is advisable that you select a champion which is able to counter evade against Bullseye as the fight has unique mechanics.

Recommended characters

Even though Summoners can use any character to defeat the bosses in the Make it There event quest, this is not advised because some characters will perform better against specific bosses.

The recommended characters are listed in the table below:

Boss Recommended character
Luke Cage Kingpin
The Hood Titania
Daredevil (H.K) Apocalypse
Mister Negative Scorpion
White Tiger Archangel
Bullseye Storm

What to do if you do not have the recommended characters

It is possible that some Summoners are yet to collect the recommended champions.

If you have not procured one or more of these characters, you will still be able to win the fight, however, we recommend that you carefully read the active buffs of each fight as well as your opponent’s abilities.

Considering these aspects will help you make a more informed decision about which Champion you can use to vanquish the opponent.

Fortunately, there are numerous characters in MCoC that will be able to defeat all of the bosses in the Make it There quest.

Active Buffs

Every boss that you have to defeat during the Make it There event has specific active buff which can influence the fight. The following table lists some of the buffs that you will encounter:

Boss Active Buffs
Luke Cage
  • Unblockable Specials: The Defender’s Special Attacks are Passively Unblockable
The Hood
  • Power Focus 2: The Defender gains a 60% increase in Combat Power Rate while below 2 bars of power but suffers an 80% decrease while above 2 bars of power.
  • Dazed and Focus: Well-Timed blocks from the Attacker starts at a 9 second timer. If the Attacker Well-Timed blocks again within this window they will be inflicted with a 100% Falter debuff for 5 seconds.
Daredevil (H.K)
  • Aggressive: This defender is more aggressive and excels at offensive abilities
  • Escalating Precision (Buff): Every 5 seconds the Defender gains an indefinite Precision Buff which increases his Critical Rating by 10%
Mister Negative
  • Acid Wash: Poison Debuffs and Passives deal 25% more damage to the Defender, and they take 90% less damage from all sources unless they are inflicted with a Poison Debuff or Passive.
White Tiger
  • Scared Still: Every 6 seconds the Attacker is Rooted for 4 seconds. Rooted Champions cannot move, but can still attack, block and dodge.
  • Crit Me Baby One More Time: The Defender takes 30% more damage from Critical Hits, but takes 90% less damage from all sources which are not Critical.


For every fight that you successfully complete, you will be rewarded. Summoners will receive big quantities of Gold, which can be used in combination with ISO-8 and Catalysts to upgrade your Champions.

Furthermore, you will receive Tier 2 Basic ISO-8 as well as Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 items. Players can use these rewards to increase their Champions’ levels.

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