MCoC: Letters from Champions

Letters from Champions in MCoC requires that players solve a riddle in order to earn Bundles of Letters, which can be used to enter the event map.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) is an exciting video game which invites players to build a team of Marvel characters and pit them against one another in combat.

The gameplay features an energy system which limits the number of quest-based battles in which you can compete.

Letters from Champions

In addition to progressing through the main arc’s battles, you can participate in numerous events, one of which is Letters from Champions.

On Friday, 1 December 2023 the game announced that players have to complete Letters from Champions weekly riddle objectives to get Bundles of Letters, which can be used to enter the quest map.

MCoC: Letters from Champions
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Summoners therefore have to complete riddle-based tasks to earn points, though the riddle will change weekly during the event. Although the riddle changes, the rewards pool is repeated every week.

That being said, the Red Guardian Holiday Profile Badge is only available in the first week of the Letters from Champions event.

You therefore have to solve the first week’s riddle in order to claim the badge before it is removed from MCoC.

It is noteworthy that the rewards you will earn during this event depend on your rank at the time. This means that Paragon + Summoners and Proven players will not receive the same rewards, even though it is the same event.

Week 1

In Week 1 of the Letters from Champions event, players must win a fight with or against a champion who asked for a new camera lens for the holidays.

You have to solve this riddle in order to complete the task and receive rewards.

To complete the first week’s riddle, you should open the Road to the Labyrinth mode and select Chapter 1 Quest 1.

The character who asked for a new camera lens for the holidays is Spider-Man, so you have to select him to battle the enemy or use one of your characters to duel Spider-Man.


As previously mentioned, the rewards you earn for the Letters from Champion event are determined by your rank.

The table below lists the rewards that some ranks will receive:

Paragon +
  • T2 Alpha Catalyst
  • T5 Basic Catalyst
  • 6-star Signature Stone
  • 5-star Relic Shard
  • Bundles of Letters
  • T5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
  • 5-star Signature Stone
  • T1 Alpha Catalyst
  • 4-star Relic Shard
  • T5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
  • Bundles of Letters
  • T3 Basic Catalyst
  • 4-star Signature Stone
  • 4-star Signature Stone Crystal
  • T3 ISO-8
  • Bundles of Letters

What is the following riddle?

It is worth noting that the riddle that you have to solve for the MCoC’s Letters from Champions event resets weekly while the event is active.

Unfortunately, it is unknown what the next riddle will be as it is yet to be released.

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