MCoC: Ironheart

Kabam recently announced that 15 year old super-genius, Ironheart, will be added to MCoC and is hosting several events in her honor

In Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) Summoners have to collect characters and use them to defeat enemies.

The game’s developer, Kabam, recently released update V43.0 which added various new activities and new characters to MCoC.

According to the patch notes, players can now acquire Ironheart, who was once just a 15-year-old engineer super-genius student studying at MIT.

Riri Wiliams designed a suit of armor similar to the Iron Man armor using materials stolen from campus.

After learning about her accomplishment, Tony Stark visited her and chose to endorse Riri’s desire to become a superhero. Since she was only announced on Friday, 2 February 2024, she is yet to be released in the game.

MCoC: Ironheart
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However, Summoners can now purchase her pre-release bundle to ensure they collect her as soon as she is released.

Players who are not interested in purchasing the bundle have to procure Ironheart’s crystals by completing objectives, but you can also grind her in the Multiverse Arena.

Similarly to other characters in MCoC, Ironheart has various statistics, which are listed below:

Rank Health Attack
3-star 5760 485
4-star 14 444 1 216
5-star 28 960 2 437
6-star (Rank 5, level 65) 49 414 4 158
7-star (Rank 1, level 25) 47 880 4 028

As seen in the table, Ironheart’s statistics increase with every star level, therefore, we recommend that you increase her star level as soon as possible. That being said, you need to have a variety of resources to complete the upgrading process.

Ironheart’s abilities

When you have collected Ironheart, you will be able to use her abilities to vanquish her opponents. Some of her abilities are as follows:

Ability Description
Pre-fight: Repulsor Debuffs
  • Ironheart inflicts Damaging effects to deal damage to her opponents. Repulsor Debuff is considered an Incinerate, but she can override with Rupture in the Pre-Fight Screen.
Target Lock
  • When the opponent is suffering from 5 or more debuffs, Ironheart applies a Tracking Passive, which bypasses the effects of Miss.
  • While the Tracking effect is active, her AI can predict enemy attacks. This allows her to trigger the Parry Mastery against non-contact attacks and block Mutant’s Unblockable Special Attacks.
Special Attack I: Light Show
  • Ironheart’s first and final hits inflict 1 Repulsor Debuff
  • The last hit also inflicts a non-stacking Vulnerability Passive, which reduces Physical and Energy Resistance for a certain period of time.

Synergy Bonus

Although you can use Ironheart with all characters in MCoC, using her with specific characters will activate Synergy Bonuses, which are listed below:

Synergy group Effects
Wakanda Strong – Unique (5-Star +)
  • Black Panther: There is a 100 percent chance that the first and final hits of Special Attack 1 will be critical hits
  • Shuri: There is a 30 percent chance that Special Attack 1 hits will inflict a personal Shock Debuff
Champions – Unique (4-Star)
  • Spiderman (Miles Morales), Ms. Marvel and Dust: Final hit of Special Attack 1 pauses all personal Debuffs and Furies for 3 seconds
Family- Unique (3-Star +)
  • Synergy Champions (Iron Man and Iron Man Infinity War): All Champions gain 6 percent additional health.
Enemies – Unique (2-Star +)
  • Captain Marvel, Iron Man (Infamous) Ultron, Rhino and Doctor Octopus: All Champions gain 5 percent additional Critical Rating

Ironheart’s Mechanics

Players should remember that Ironheart’s Pre-fight ability allows her to switch out her damage type prior to battle.

This essentially means that she can bypass enemy resistances and Immunities. This is a strong power to have throughout the game modes in MCoC.

Furthermore, her ability to effectively apply Damage over time effects also makes her stand out in the class. This is because it helps build into the efficacy of her Special Attack loops.

Ironheart’s events

To celebrate Ironheart’s release, MCoC is hosting numerous events in her honor. One of these events is Listen to your Ironheart.

The event’s description reveals that love can be tough, so some people need a suit of armor around their tender hearts.

Fortunately, Ironheart is on the scene and is looking to help out some lovelorn Champions by building their own special romance-seeking-suits.

You have to gather the materials for these suits in Shattered Ironheart Rifts by cracking their code with Heart-Coded Keys.

Summoners can also enjoy the I Would Do Anything for Love solo event by using Romance and Its Complicated Synergy Champions. You have to use these Champions to collect rewards and Heart-Coded Keys.

MCoC also introduced special Romance themed solo Objectives and if you complete them, you will earn rewards based on winning the fight against Romance Champions.

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