MCoC: Ironheart Counter

Since Ironheart’s release in MCoC, several Summoners have wondered what the best counter is for her and fortunately, there are several counters.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) announced on Saturday, 3 February 2024 that players can now add Ironheart to their Champion collection.

According to Marvel lore, Riri Williams was a 15 year old engineering super-genius who designed a suit of armor similar to the Iron Man armor.

After learning about Riri’s accomplishment, Tony Star visited her and chose to endorse her desire to become a superhero. Since her official release in MCoC, several Summoners have questioned what the perfect counter for Ironheart will be.

MCoC: Ironheart Counter
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Fortunately, there is more than 1 champion available to counter her. According to YouTuber, MCoC vibes, Armor Break and Shock Immune Champions are excellent choices to counter Ironheart.

We therefore recommend that you use Hercules as he can defeat Ironheart in a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can use Cosmic Ghost Rider when fighting Ironheart, however, you have to ensure that your Cosmic Ghost Rider is strong enough to defeat her.

If you are yet to collect these characters, you can also use Medusa, as she has the Armor Break ability.

MCoC Vibes also mentioned that Hulkling is a strong counter for Ironheart and can defeat her quite easily with his combination attacks.

Summoners who have Magneto in their collection can also use him as he has powerful debuffs which weaken his opponent(s).

If you are yet to obtain one of the mentioned characters, you can also use Gala, Silver Surfer, Venom, Silk or Knull to defeat Ironheart.

Ironheart’s weaknesses

Before starting the fight against Ironheart, you should consider her weaknesses, which you can use to your advantage. The table below lists her weaknesses and provides a description of each:

Weakness Description
Armor Break / Shatter Seeing that a lot of things trigger off of Armor Ups being active on Ironheart, being able to prevent her from utilizing these effects will be a huge weakness for her.
Special Lock Her first special attack carries her gameplay loop and feeds into her second special attack. Special locking her will prevent her from generating mass amounts of damage in her kit and shut down her debuff loop.
Unblockable / Unstoppable Since Ironheart is a Glass Cannon, not giving her a chance to stop you attacking her will be quite detrimental to her.

Alternative Counters

There is a possibility that you will not have one of the above-mentioned characters in your Champion collection. Fortunately, there are other counters that you can use to destroy Ironheart.

YouTuber, Kabam John MCoC, recently released a video in which he mentioned the best counters for Ironheart.

Players can thus also use Shuri, Iron Man (Infamous), Scorpion, Maestro and Ant-Man (Future) to counter Ironheart.

Additionally, you can also select Ghost Rider, Black Widow (Claire Voyant), Kingpin, Baron Zemo and Shocker to defeat her.

Ironheart’s abilities

We advise players to familiarize themselves with Ironheart’s abilities before initiating the fight. Some of her abilities are as follows:

Name Description
Target Lock While her target is suffering from 5 or more Debuffs, she inflicts a Tracking Passive, which bypasses the effects of Miss.
Light Show The first and final hit inflicts 1 Repulsor Debuff

The last hit also inflicts a non-stacking Vulnerability Passive which reduces Physical and Energy Resistance by a specific amount.

Uni-beamed Every hit gains additional Attack Rating for each Repulsor Debuff on the Opponent and Armor Up effect on Ironheart
Stasis Protocol Instantly Power Drain the Opponent for up to 2 Bars of Power.

For each Bar of Power Drained, she gains an indefinite Armor Up Passive, which increases her Armor Rating by 250.

It also inflicts an indefinite Repulsor Debuff

Protective Heart Once per fight, when her health drops below 15 percent, she gains a Regeneration Buff.

This heals 35 percent of her maximum health over 10 seconds.

While the buff is active, Ironheart gains additional Critical Resistance.


Unlike other Champions in MCoC, there are several counter options for Ironheart. However, we recommend that you consider her abilities and the counter’s abilities to ensure that you win the battle.

If you don’t understand how Ironheart’s abilities function, you may struggle to defeat her. Since there are numerous counter options available, it is impossible to have only 1 strategy.

Players should construct a strategy about which Champion they want to use and when to use certain skills before initiating the fight.

Keep in mind that most players will simply start the fight without coming up with a strategy and even if you use this method, it may lower your chances of defeating Ironheart.

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