MCoC: Chimichanga

For week 5’s Letters from Champions event in MCoC, players have to figure out who asked for a chimichanga for the holidays

Players can enjoy a variety of in-game events in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC). At the time of writing, you can participate in the Letters from Champions event which requires that you complete weekly riddle objectives to receive Bundles of Letters.

In Week 5 of the Letters from Champions event, players had to win a fight with or against a Champion who asked for a chimichanga for the holidays, but keep in mind that this excludes Practice Mode.

Unfortunately, the game does not provide many details about the hero who asked for a chimichanga and therefore, it is up to you to solve the riddle to complete the objective.

To complete this Letter from Champions task, you have to open your mail and click on the search bar. You then have to type “Pool 132” in the search bar and select the corresponding character, who happens to be Deadpool (X-Force).

Players can either use Deadpool (X-Force) to defeat another champion or use one of their collected heroes to defeat Deadpool (X-Force).

Several MCoC players decided to duel Deadpool (X-Force) as it is not a difficult fight, but is it worth noting that he has various abilities and skills which can be used against your character.

When you have defeated Deadpool (X-Force) or used him to defeat another hero, you will complete Week 5 Letters from Champions objective and earn rewards.

Players should note that the following riddle will only become available once the week is over.

Deadpool’s abilities

Similarly to other characters in MCoC, Deadpool (X-Force) has several abilities that you will experience during the fight. Some of Deadpool’s abilities are as follows:

Ability Description
I’m the Merc’ With the Mouth, Baby! Deadpool inflicts Taunt Debuffs on the opponent to reduce his or her attack rating by 25 percent for 13 seconds.
Duodenum Poke There is a 100 percent chance that he will inflict a Bleed Debuff, which causes direct damage over 4 seconds.
Super Slap While walking forward, Deadpool builds up an indefinite Slap Charge to a max of 10. When he reaches max charges, he deals a Super Slap to inflict 10 stacks of Duodenum Poke Bleed.
Superciliously Superior Slander Every time the opponent Purifies a Taunt Debuff or a Taunt Debuff on the opponent is replaced, Deadpool gains a Power Gain Buff which grants Bars of Power over 5 seconds.

Which heroes should you use?

As previously mentioned, you can either use Deadpool (X-Force) to vanquish another hero, or you can use one of your collected heroes to defeat Deadpool (X-Force) in a duel.

On the official MCoC Discord channel, a player named arisentme mentioned that you can essentially use any champion to defeat Deadpool (X-Force).

However, we recommend that you select your strongest champion to ensure that you win the duel. Several players used Doctor Doom and Ghost Rider to defeat Deadpool (X-Force).

If you have not collected these characters, we recommend that you select your strongest character when you get to the character selection screen.


If you defeat Deadpool (X-Force) in a duel, you will receive various rewards, though you should note that the rewards you earn are determined by your rank.

The table below lists some of the rewards you that will receive based on your rank:

Rank Rewards
  • T3 Basic Catalyst
  • 4-star Signature Stone
  • 4-star Signature Stone Crystal
  • T3 ISO-8
  • Bundles of Letters
  • Bundles of Letters
  • T5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
  • 4-star Relic Shard
  • T1 Alpha Catalyst
  • 5-star Signature Stone
  • T5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
Paragon +
  • T2 Alpha Catalyst
  • T5 Basic Catalyst
  • 6-star Signature Stone
  • 5-star Relic Shard
  • Bundles of Letters

What is the following riddle?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what the next riddle will be for the Letters from Champions event. We recommend that you keep an eye on the official event page to know what the following riddle will be.

As previously mentioned, MCoC does not provide a lot of details about the character that you need to use to complete the objective.

It is therefore up to you to figure out which character you need to duel in order to solve the riddle.

If you are struggling to figure out which character you have to use, we recommend that you join the official MCoC Discord channel as all information is shared on the server.

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