MCoC: Champions of Fortune Keys

Some paths in the MCoC Champions of Fortune side quests require keys to be unlocked, fortunately you will receive keys weekly.

Champions of the Future is one of the most exciting side quests in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC).

When you open the menu, you will notice 5 different threat levels and although there are different recommended team ratings, you can complete all of them.

There are various routes that you can take in the multiple threats, but keep in mind that each route requires that you defeat specific enemies.

Several players have noticed that once they completed the free routes, they were unable to progress further in the side quest as the routes were locked.

MCoC: Champions of Fortune Keys
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In order to gain access to these routes, players must obtain specific keys, which has caused some confusion amongst players.

The confusion is attributed to the fact that MCoC has not revealed how or when players can procure the keys to unlock the paths.

On the official MCoC Discord channel players have asked how they can acquire the necessary keys to progress further in the side quest. Allegedly, MCoC will give players the keys when it is time for them to progress further.

Allegedly, the keys will be released weekly, which means that you will only be able to progress further in the quest in the next week.

Since it is a month-long side quest, it is believed that MCoC implemented this system to prevent players from progressing too fast.

Even though there are inaccessible paths in the Champions of Fortune side quest, you can still complete the free paths.

If you have already completed the free paths, we recommend that you move on to the next threat level and complete the free paths.


Every time you complete a threat level, you will get an abundance of rewards. Keep in mind that you will receive Completion rewards and Exploration rewards:

Threat Level Completion rewards Exploration rewards
  • Ultimate Crystal
  • 4-star Hero Crystal Shards
  • T3 Basic Catalyst
  • 4-star Signature Stone Crystal
  • Gold
  • Ultimate Crystal
  • T4 Basic Catalyst
  • T3 Class Catalyst
  • T1 Alpha Catalyst
  • T3 Class Catalyst Crystal
  • 4-star Signature Stone
  • 4-star Awakening Gem Crystal
  • Gold
  • T4 Class Catalyst Crystal
  • T4 Basic Catalyst
  • 5-star Signature Stone Crystal
  • 5-star Hero Crystal Shard
  • T2 Alpha Catalyst
  • T1 Alpha Catalyst
  • T5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
  • T1 Primordial Dust
  • 5-star Hero Crystal Shards
  • T4 Class Catalyst Selector
  • Gold
  • T4 Basic Catalyst
  • T5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
  • 6-star Signature Stone
  • T5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
  • T5 Basic Catalyst
  • 6-star Hero Crystal Shard
  • Bad Attitude Crystal Shards
  • T2 Alpha Catalyst
  • 6-star Signature Stone
  • T5 Class Catalyst Fragment Selector
  • T6 Basic Catalyst Fragments
  • Gold
  • T2 Alpha Catalyst
  • 6-star Hero Crystal Shard
  • Meta Crystal Shards
  • Gold
  • T5 Class Catalyst Selector
  • T5 Basic Catalyst
  • 6-star Hero Crystal Shard
  • Tier 2 Primordial Dust

When will the keys be released?

Unfortunately, it is unknown when MCoC will release the next set of keys to give gamers access to the locked paths. In-game messages will be sent weekly to open an additional path, but each key opens the path for all threat levels.

We therefore recommend that you check the in-game messages every week to claim your keys in order to unlock the paths.

Solo Event

While you are waiting for the keys to be released, you can progress in the Mercs and Defenders Solo Event. This event has specific objectives that you have to complete and for every objective completed, you will earn points.

When you have accumulated enough points, you will earn milestone rewards. The following table lists the some of the objectives you can complete and the quantity of points you can earn:

Objective Points
Win a fight with a 1-star #Mercenary or #Defense tagged Champion 100
Win a fight with a 7-star  #Mercenary or #Defense tagged Champion 750
Defeat a 4-star  #Mercenary or #Defense tagged Champion 600
Defeat a 6-star #Mercenary or #Defense tagged Champion 1000

Recommended team ratings

As previously mentioned, every threat level has a recommended team rating and although you do not have to meet this requirement, you will struggle to complete the level if your team rating is below the recommendation.

The recommended team ratings are as follows:

Threat Level Recommended Team Rating
1 10 000
2 20 000
3 40 000
4 50 000
5 60 000

If your team ratings are below the recommended team rating, we recommend that you upgrade your characters before attempting to progress in the quest.

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