MCoC: Bullseye Counter

Bullseye was recently added to MCoC and since his release, players have experimented with counters to successfully defeat him.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) announced on Saturday, 6 January 2024, that players are now able to acquire Bullseye, however, little is known about this character. Since his release, players have questioned what his counter is.

Before deciding which hero you want to use to defeat Bullseye, we recommend that you carefully read through the active nodes as they can influence the fight.

For example, the Limber – 2.1 node reveals that every time the Defender receives a Stun Debuff, it reduces the Duration of further Stun Debuffs by 20 percent.

MCoC: Bullseye Counter
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You therefore have to consider all the active nodes before deciding which character you want to counter Bullseye. Fortunately, there are various counters that you can use against Bullseye, namely Kitty Pryde, Domino and Aegon.

If you are yet to obtain these characters, you can use Cosmic Ghost Rider, Storm (Pyramid X) or Apocalypse Alternatively, players can select Hercules or White Magento to destroy Bullseye.

It is noteworthy that all of the recommended counters have unique abilities, masteries and relics. Players have to ensure that they understand the character that they select thoroughly.

If you fail at defeating Bullseye with one of the mentioned counters, you can experiment with another counter to see if that character will perform better in battle.

That being said, Bullseye also has a unique set of skills, masteries and relics. Before you enter the battle, it is advisable that you read through his skills to know what their effects will be on your counter.

Active nodes

In addition to Limber 2.1, you will encounter the following active nodes when fighting Bullseye. The table below lists some of the active nodes and a description of each:

Active node Description
Crit Me Baby One More Time The Defender takes 30 percent more damage from Critical Hits, but takes 90 percent less damage from all sources which are not Critical.
Truly Great Each well-timed Block during a Special Attack grants the attacker a true damage passive for 10 seconds and each stack increases Attack Rating by 20 percent. Moreover, when the Attacker has a True Damage or True Strike effect they have 100 percent Perfect Block chance on well-timed Blocks.
Sting Like a Bee If the Defender throws a Special Attack while far away from the Attacker, they gain an indefinite Cruelty. This increases the Critical Damage Rating by 30 percent.

Bullseye’s abilities

Players should consider Bullseye’s abilities before starting the fight. Some of his abilities can be described as follows:

Ability Description
I Never Miss
  • All hits bypass Miss, and all hits are Guaranteed Critical Hits. Critical Hits and personal effects can be inflicted through Blocks which are not well-timed.
  • He is immune to Precision and Fatigue effects. He also gains a non-stacking Cruelty Buff for 8 seconds when this immunity triggers.
  • When his opponent would be inflicted with a bleed effect, he gains a cruelty passive for 8 seconds.
Dialed In
  • During a Special Attack 1 or 2, press the Block Input after the first hit to slow down time. Releasing the Block Input precisely when the final projectile is thrown grants a Perfect Release bonus.
Killer Instinct
  • Gaining a Bar of Power grants a non-stacking Killer Instinct Passive for 3 seconds, but this will not trigger when it is already active.
  • While Killer Instinct is active, there is a 100 percent chance that Bullseye will Evade incoming Basic Attacks, Purifying any Stun Debuffs in the process.
Special Attacks 1 and 2
  • If Bullseye activates special attack 1 or 2 immediately after a Counter-Attack makes the first hit of the Special Attack passively unlockable and grants a Fury Passive for 6 seconds.

How to win the fight against Bullseye

Once you have selected your character and have read through Bullseye’s abilities, you are ready to begin the battle.

Players should deal as much damage as possible to Bullseye while he is not actively blocking, though he will also deal damage to your character.

When he is using one of his skills, you have to block as fast as possible to prevent your character from taking damage. Once he has stopped dealing damage, you can remove the block and deal damage to Bullseye.

If you attack him, his health points will deplete and eventually you will successfully win the battle. Players will be able to move on to the next node if they win the fight against Bullseye.

Can you add Bullseye to your character collection?

Although you need to defeat Bullseye to complete this node, you can add him to your character collection. Keep in mind that you may have to participate in a specific event or complete certain objectives to obtain him.

Once you have Bullseye, you can use him to defeat other characters in MCoC.

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