MCoC: Battlegrounds Season 15

Season 15 of MCoC’s Battleground game mode will begin shortly and it introduces various buffs for Attackers and Defenders

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) announced in November 2023 that players can soon enjoy season 15 of the Battlegrounds game mode.

Every season of this game mode introduces new buffs, though some buffs are active for the entire season while others are only active for a limited time.

The Battleground activity is essentially a player-versus-player game which allows you to defeat another player to earn rewards. Keep in mind, however, that only players who have reached the Uncollected rank can enjoy this game mode.

This means that you have to complete act 5, chapter 2, which is known as, Collector Bund, to gain access to this game mode.

If you have access to the Battleground game mode, you have to create a deck of 30 Champions before banning 3 Champions that your opponent chooses.

MCoC: Battlegrounds Season 15
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Summoners can then select 7 Champions for the match and choose attackers and defenders for each round. To win the mode, you have to win 2 out of 3 rounds.

Since every Battleground introduces unique buffs, we recommend that you understand what the buffs’ effects are before you enter Season 15. These buffs will have a huge effect on which Champions you decide to use for the battle.

On the official MCoC Discord server, a player named Zafar mentioned that the 15th season of Battlegrounds will begin on Wednesday, 31 January 2024.

However, MCoC has yet to confirm the start date, therefore, we recommend that you check the game regularly to see when the game mode will commence.

Battlegrounds Season 15 Victory Track Meta

There are various buffs for attackers and defenders which will remain active for the entire season. The buffs’ effects are outlined below:

Champion type Buffs
  • Martial Discipline: Every 5 Critical Hits a Skill Attacker deals, he or she will purify all non-damaging Debuffs on them
  • Pass the Buck: When the Attacker gains a Bar of Power, they are afflicted with a Power Sting Debuff for 10 seconds. If you intercept the Defender while the Power Sting is active, you will remove it and inflict it on the Defender instead.
  • Power Focus 1: The Champion gains a 60 percent increase in Combat Power Rate while below 1 Bar of Power. However he or she suffers an 80 percent decrease in Combat Power Rate while above.
  • Daunt-less: The Attacker starts their Spirit Gauge at 50 percent

Gladiator Circuit Meta

These buffs will activate during a specific week of the season. In addition to the buffs mentioned above, Defenders will get the following effects:

Week Buffs
1 and 2
  • Encroaching Stun: Every 20 seconds, the Attacker becomes Stunned for 3 seconds, unless they are performing a Special Attack when the timer expires. While the Attacker is stunned, their Armor Rating is doubled.
3 and 4
  • Steady Buildup Unblockable: The Defender has 100 percent increased Defensive Ability Accuracy. If the Attacker has 3 or more Debuffs, the Defender becomes Unblockable until the Attacker loses the Debuffs.
  • Chum the Waters: Whenever the Attacker dodges a hit, both Champions are inflicted with a Heal Block Debuff and a Taunt Debuff, which lowers their Attack Rating by 10 percent. The Disorient Debuff will also reduce their Defensive Ability Accuracy and Block Proficiency by 10 percent.
  • Stand Tall: There is a 50 percent chance that the Attacker’s Critical Hits will grant an indefinite Steadfast Charge. It is worth noting that each charge allows the Attacking Champion to block one Unblockable hit and is removed after the hit.

Battleground Costs

Every Battleground match costs 15 Energy, however, you can also use 90 Elder’s Marks to enter the battle. Players can only create 1 deck of Champions, but additional decks can be unlocked for a set number of Units.

This allows you to create multiple decks, which can be used at the click of a button. Multiple decks include specific Mastery sets for each deck.

Although the Battleground can become expensive, especially if you want to battle another player multiple times a day, the rewards are worth it.


It is important to note that  your rewards for participating in the Battleground activity will be determined by where you are on the Victory Track, the Gladiator Circuit and what you choose to pick up in the Battlegrounds store.

If you progress through the Victory Track, you will get various rewards, including Elder’s Marks. This currency can be used in both the Gladiator’s Circuit and the Victory Track.

MCOC layers can enter a match with their Elder’s Marks to make progress in the Season-long Alliance and Solo Events, which can yield amazing rewards.

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