MCoC: Banquet Event 2023

During MCoC’s 2023 Banquet event, you have to open Banquet Crystals and Greater Banquet Crystals to earn rich rewards and points to progress milestones.

As the Summoner in Marvel Contest of Champions, you have to build a team of Marvel characters and duel other characters to earn rich rewards.

In addition to following the main arc and defeating characters, you can enjoy numerous events, one of which is the 2023 Banquet Event.

Banquet Event 2023

There are numerous events in MCoC, however, you should note that every event has certain requirements that must be met before you can participate in the event.

To fully participate in the Banquet event, you need to be part of an Alliance for 14 days prior to the event’s start date.

Since the event will begin on Wednesday, 20 December 2023, you have to stay in your Alliance from Wednesday, 6 December 2023. Furthermore, you have to be at least level 40 and be at the Conqueror rank.

For the 2023 Banquet event, you have to procure and open Banquet Crystals and Greater Banquet Crystals in the Crystal Vault to earn points towards Solo and Alliance events. Every time you acquire and open Crystals, you will earn points.

Players will then be able to earn rewards from Milestones in Solo and Alliance events. We therefore recommend that you push yourself and your Alliance to earn better Ranged rewards.

How many points can you accumulate?

You should note that some activities will reward you with more points than others. The following table lists the number of points that you will earn for completing the following activities:

Activity Reward (in points)
Purchase a Greater Banquet Crystal 2100
Open a Greater Banquet Crystal 700
Buy a Banquet Crystal 100
Open a Banquet Crystal 30


Every time you open a Banquet Crystal or a Greater Banquet Crystals, you will receive numerous rewards. The rewards that you can earn by opening a Crystal are:

Banquet Crystal Contents Greater Banquet Crystal Content
  • Gold
  • T1 Alpha Catalyst
  • T4 Basic Catalyst
  • T4 Class Catalyst Selector
  • 2, 3 and 4-star Signature Stones
  • 5-star Awakening Gem Crystal
  • 4 and 5-star Hero Crystal Shards
  • 6-star Signature Stones
  • 6 and 7-star Hero Crystal Shards
  • 7-star Gifted Guardians Crystal
  • 7-star Titan Crystal Shards
  • Paragon Gifted Guardians Crystal
  • 6-star Abyss Nexus
  • Nexus 6-star Awakening Gem Crystal
  • 6-star Awakening Gem
  • T2 Alpha Catalyst
  • T5 Basic Catalyst
  • Class Catalyst Selector
  • Alpha Catalyst Fragments
  • Rare Champion Selector
  • 7-star Kang
  • 7-star Thanos

Milestone contributions

The points that Summoners acquire by opening Crystals will contribute to Solo and Alliance events. The more points you and your Alliance accumulate, the better the rewards that you will get.

We therefore recommend that you open as many Crystals as possible to earn as many rewards as possible.

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