MCoC: Attuma Duel

To engage in a Duel Target fight with Attuma in MCoC players can use the Men 203 identification number in the search bar.

Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) is based on the events of the limited comic book series, Contest of Champions.

Players will assume the role of a Summoner, who is tasked with building a team of Marvel characters and pitting them against one another in combat.

Attuma Duel

Summoners can embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos, but you also have to face the challenge of a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor to prevent the total destruction of The Marvel Universe.

In addition to completing quests, gamers can enjoy various game modes, such as Arena, Alliance War and Incursions.

In these battles, you will fight other players to earn rewards, however, we recommend that you practice your strategy before entering a fight against a real player.

Summoners can practice their skills and strategies in the Duel Target game mode. In this mode you will be fighting against AI-controlled champions that simulate real player behavior.

If you practice in this mode, you will get the chance to experiment with attack combinations and strategies without the fear of losing your win streak against other players.

MCoC: Attuma Duel
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On the official MCoC Discord channel several players have questioned what the Duel Target is for Attuma, who is a stalwart protector of Talokan.

He is proud and strong with a knack for grasping opportunity and the iron will to never fully surrender. Attuma’s Duel Target ID is allegedly Men 203.

Attuma’s base statistics

Before going into the Duel Target mode with Attuma, we recommend that you consider his base statistics. Keep in mind, however, that his base statistics depend on his star rating:

Star rating Health Attack PI (Max Signature)
3- 6427 461 1921
4 16 116 1156 4831
5 31 313 2318 10640
6 55 136 3955 18150

His Champion Attributes are as follows:

Attribute Rating
Survivability 4 out of 5
Damage 3 out of 5
Ease of Use 3 out of 5
Utility 4.5 out of 5
Defender Strength 5 out of 5

What are Attuma’s strengths?

Similarly to other champions in MCoC, Attuma has various strengths that you have to familiarize yourself with. In the majority of cases, Attuma’s Ability Accuracy reversal is a stronger Ability Accuracy counter than an Immunity.

This means that in any situation in which an opponent attempts to lower his Ability Accuracy, he will get stronger.

His heavy attack, on the other hand, causes him to Purify one or more non-damaging, non-Concussion debuffs and convert them into Concussions which increase Ability Accuracy.

Attuma’s special 1 ability grants him temporary True Accuracy and the more Ability Accuracy he has, the longer True Accuracy will stay active. This also means that if you play your cards right, this effect is somewhat permanent.

When Attuma gets Evaded, he becomes Unstoppable and gains Power to protect himself, which gets him closer to True Accuracy.

Attuma’s weaknesses

If you know Attuma’s strengths and weaknesses, you can use it to your advantage during the Duel Target battles. Attuma’s loop relies heavily on his Heavy Attack and in fights where that is more difficult to pull off, his performance slows down.

However, this Heavy Attack has a large reach, so he can use it to punish his opponent’s own Heavy Attacks and Specials.

Furthermore, he is nearly immune to Stun Debuffs as his personal Purify triggers immediately when one is inflicted and instantly transforms into a Concussion, which makes him stronger.

Passive Stuns do not trigger these effects, which means that they are better at keeping Attuma under wraps.

Duel Target strategies

Before you start a fight, it is advisable that you study Attuma’s abilities, weaknesses and strengths. This will help Summoners formulate a winning strategy and make informed decisions during the fight.

As the fight progresses, we recommend that you practice your parry and evading techniques. Regularly practicing these skills will enhance your defensive capabilities and reduce the amount of damage that your character takes.

We also advise that you experiment with different combinations as this will maximize your damage output while maintaining control over the fight.

Lastly, you should review the fight replay as it will help you identify areas for improvement.

Summoners can pay attention to movements that they could have dodged or moments in which they could have executed a more effective combination.

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