MSF: Lady Deathstrike

One of the latest villains to join MSF is Lady Deathstrike, who takes on the Brawler role in a Weapon X team.

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is a popular role-playing, turn-based mobile game. As the name suggests, the game takes place in the Marvel Universe.

The official description states that an assault on Earth has begun. Subsequently, superheroes and super villains are working together to defend our planet.

The game invites players to collect Marvel Universe characters, this includes villains, heroes and generic characters. This means that the game features characters from The Hand and Hydra.

Additionally, they can obtain characters from the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D).

How to unlock characters

Players should remember that there are various methods to collect new characters. Some of the characters are given to players, whereas others are obtained through gameplay. However, they can also collect characters through in-game rewards in the form of shards.

It is important to note that shards can also be used to promote characters. Players can either purchase the shards from the in-game shop, or it can be earned from winning battles.

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Game modes

MSF features multiple game modes, including Alliance War, Blitz and Challenges. However, they can also participate in Real Time Arena, Raids and Arenas.

All of the game modes, except Real Time Arena, have their own currency. It can be used to purchase items or character shards from the in-game store.

Real Time Arena is the only game mode which consists of player-versus-player (PvP) battles. The other modes are all player-versus-environment based. The following table indicates the name of the game mode and a short description of each:

Game mode Description
Alliance War In this mode, players in the same alliance need to work together to defeat an opponent’s Helicarrier with 12 rooms each. However, they also need to defend their own Helicarrier as well.
Challenges Challenges can be completed various times every day, as players can obtain resources. It is important to note that each challenge occurs three days per week. Players should remember that this mode requires specific character traits to be used to complete each tier of the challenge.
Real Time Arena Real Time Arena features a one-versus-one battle between two players, played in real-time.
Raids Raids is a series of maps that a player-ran alliance of up to 24 players. It requires them to work together to defeat all of the nodes.
Arena This mode features battles against other player-created squads in five-on-five battles. Additionally, players are competing for daily prizes based on ranking at the end of the daily reset time.

As mentioned above, players can obtain various heroes and villains in the game. One of the latest released characters that they can collect is Lady Deathstrike.

MSF: Lady Deathstrike

Yuriko Oyama, also known as Lady Deathstrike, is the daughter of the Japanese scientist and crime lord, Kenji Oyama. He developed the process by which Adamantium could be bonded to a human skeleton.

After his death, Yuriko sought to restore honour to her father by tracking down and defeating those who stole her father’s scientific discovery.

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This desire led her to confront Wolverine. After being defeated by him, Yuriko had her body outfitted with extensive cybernetic enhancements. She now goes under the name, Lady Deathstrike and has worked as an assassin.

It is important to note that Lady Deathstrike slots into the Weapon X team. She takes on the role of a Brawler with solid Damage, Speed and Focus. Players should note that her abilities feed off of Bleed, as she receives a different bonus for each of her attacks.

Even though she is a Brawler, she also offers key defensive facets to the Weapon X team. Lady Deathstrike has the ability to clear negative effects and provide Immunity. Additionally, she provides bonus Focus and a heavy Bleed resistance to herself and all allies.

Lady Deathstrike abilities

Players should note that all characters feature different traits. Lady Deathstrike’s traits are: Brawler, Global, Tech, Villian and Weapon X.

The following table indicates all her abilities at maximum levels:

Ability name Ability description
Passive ability: Murderous Intent When Lady Deathstrike’s health drops below 60 percent, she gains two deathproof’s and two evade buffs. On the ability’s turn, it heals the character for 20 percent of her maximum health. It will lower all enemies’ resistance by 50 percent. Lady Deathstrike and her teammates will gain 25 percent critical damage.
Basic ability: Reaver Revenge This ability will transfer a Deflect from primary target to self. Lady Deathstrike will attack the primary target for 250 percent Piercing. If the target has Bleed, the attack will be repeated. However, it will apply Defence Down. The attack gains 300 percent extra Focus
Special ability: Deadly Weapon It is important to note that the Energy Cost is 3/3. This ability gains Offense for two tuns. It will attack the target for 200 percent Piercing. It will also apply two Bleed and reduce the Speed Bar by 20 percent. On Kill, it repeats the attack using a new primary target, which is randomly chosen from the previous secondary targets.
Ultimate ability: Adamantium Flurry The skills energy cost is 4/6. It attacks the primary target for 280 percent Piercing. It also applies a Defence Down and a Bleed effect. It applies an Immunity to the villain and to all Weapon X allies. The attack cannot miss any target that has a Bleed effect.


MSF is a popular role-playing game set in the Marvel Universe. It allows players to collect various villains and heroes from the movies and comics. One of the latest released characters that players can obtain is Lady Deathstrike.

It is advised that players slot her into a Weapon X team, where she takes on the role of a Brawler. Lady Deathstrike features solid Damage, Speed and Focus. Players should remember that her abilities feed off of Bleed.

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