Mario Kart Tour: All city tracks

11 out of the 14 courses in Mario Kart Tour are based on real-life locations, so you can explore the world while racing to the finish line.

In this riveting mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, players can race against other characters to reach the finish line first.

As the game’s name suggests, it is part of the classic series, Mario Kart, and therefore you are likely to experience the same aspects throughout the franchise. Unlike many of its predecessors, Mario Kart Tour can be played on mobile platforms.

You can download the game for free from the App store and Google Play. However, Mario Kart Tour incorporates microtransaction mechanics as it has gacha elements.

You can discover various assets from other Mario Karts in this game, including gliding, underwater driving, and character-specific items. However, you will also experience new features, like new city tracks.


Mario Kart Tour introduced a new format  to the franchise called Tours. Tours are named after cities in real life, Mario series characters, and Mario series games. Each tour lasts approximately 22 weeks, and it started on Wednesday at 1:00.

During a tour, you can compete in 12 to 18 cups and collect drivers, karts, and gliders that represent the corresponding themes or cities. Each Cup features 3 courses and a bonus challenge. Most races only have 2 laps, but bonus challenges only have 1 lap.

After finishing a race, you will be rewarded with Grand Stars, which you can use to unlock tour gifts, coins, and experience points for the used character, kart, and glider. You will get additional rewards, though these are determined by your ranking in the race.

Mario Kart Tour: All city tracks

Some of the courses in Mario Kart Tour are based on real cities. Players can race through New York City, Paris, Vancouver, Berlin, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Amsterdam.

The city courses can have 4 routes each, and the first 3 routes go through different landmarks of the city.

Mario Kart Tour: All city tracks
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The table below lists the city courses and their tours:

Course Tour
Bangkok Rush
  • Bangkok tour
Amsterdam Drift
  • Amsterdam tour
Amsterdam Drift 2
  • Metropolitan Tour
  • Anniversary TTour
Singapore Speedway
  • Singapore Tour
Singapore Speedway 2
  • Ocean Tour
  • Anniversary Tour
New York Minute
  • New York Tour
New York Minute 2
  • Holiday Tour (2019)
New York Minute 3
  • 1st Anniversary Tour
New York Minute 4
  • 2nd Anniversary Tour
Tokyo Blur
  • Tokyo Tour
Tokyo Blur 2
  • New Year’s Tour
Tokyo Blur 3
  • Summer Festival Tour
  • Mario versus Peach Tour
Tokyo Blur 4
  • Mario Tour
Paris Promenade
  • Paris Tour (2019)
Paris Promenade 2
  • Valentine’s Tour
Paris Promenade 3
  • Paris Tour (2021)
London Loop
  • London Tour
London Loop 2
  • Baby Rosalina Tour
London Loop 3
  • Halloween Tour
Vancouver Velocity
  • Vancouver Tour
Vancouver Velocity 2
  • Penguin Tour
Los Angeles Laps
  • Los Angeles Tour (2020)
Los Angeles Laps 2
  • Los Angeles Tour (2022)
Los Angeles Laps 3
  • Los Angeles Tour (2021)
Berlin Byways
  • Metropolitan Tour
Berlin Byways 2
  • Berlin Tour
Berlin Byways 3
  • Anniversary Tour
Sydney Sprint
  • Sydney Tour (April – May 2021)
Sydney Sprint 2
  • Sydney Tour (September 2021)
Sydney Sprint 3
  • Anniversary Tour

Gamers should note that these tracks can be enjoyed in a Normal version, a Reverse variation, Trick variation, and a Reverse/Trick variation.

Additional tracks

Alongside the city courses, Mario Kart Tour has 3 original courses that are not based on real-life locations. The table below outlines the courses and their tours:

Course Tour
Sky-High Sundae
  • Sundae Tour
Ninja Hideaway
  • Ninja Tour
  • Mario versus Peach tour
Merry Mountain
  • Winter tour (2020)
  • Holiday Tour (2021)

How is experience points calculated in Mario Kart tour

Before each race, players can select their driver, kart, and glider. Moreover, you can choose your speed. These factions, and your position after the race, determines how many experience points you get:

Placement 50cc experience points 100cc experience points 150cc and 200cc experience points
8 1 2 3
7 2 3 4
6 3 4 5
5 4 5 6
4 5 6 7
3 6 7 8
2 7 8 9
1 8 9 10

Keep in mind that you can only acquire the 200cc engine class by purchasing the Gold Pass – a monthly subscription model which players can purchase with real-life currency.

Which elements can you find on a city course?

Course elements can slow you down, offer a jump boost, make you crash, or give you points when you interact with them. You can find these course elements while you are racing on a city track:

City Course elements
London Loop
  • Barrel
  • Barrel bomb
  • Chain Chomp
  • Crate
Singapore Speedway
  • Blimp
  • Boost Ring
  • Cannon
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Floaty
  • Goomba
Vancouver Velocity
  • Cannon
  • Hot-air balloon
  • Pipe
New York City
  • Car
  • Dash panel rump truck
Los Angeles
  • Car
  • Goomba Tower
  • Piranha Plant
Berlin Byways
  • Car
Sydney Sprint
  • Car
  • Dash panel rump truck

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