Lumber Inc: Workshop

In Lumber Inc, players can construct wooden houses in the Workshop to earn valuable rewards, but they first have to upgrade their sawmill.

Lumber Inc is an idle simulation mobile game that invites gamers to manage a small sawmill. The game has resource management, completing orders as well as purchasing and upgrading machinery.

Your objective is to keep up with demands and supply lumber in order to become the ultimate sawmill. Players begin the game with a small factory that only has space for a few machines and workers.

You have to complete several objectives and tasks to earn money, which you need to hire additional workers and construct more machines, and buildings, including the Workshop.

Can you hire workers for your factory?

Any good sawmill merits itself not only on the quality of the machine, but on the dedication of its workers. Your workers are the core of your operation, because the more workers you have, the more logs you will yield.

That being said, it is advisable that you start with 3 lumberjacks and focus on their training. You should bear in mind that training lumberjacks costs a certain amount of money, which is one of the in-game currencies.

Lumber Inc: Workshop

It is advisable that you complete the quests and missions the game has to offer, as they serve as a guideline to the game. Some of the tasks you have to complete include hiring workers, upgrading your machine to a specific level, and constructing additional machines.

At one point, you will receive the task to construct a Workshop, but to complete this objective, you have to gather resources. The Workshop is constructed in 2 stages, each of which take a certain amount of time to complete.

Bear in mind that each stage requires a quaint to complete, which means that you first have to produce the cants before you can complete the Workshop’s construction.

You can reduce the time it takes to construct the Workshop by 5 minutes if you watch a 30 second advertisement. To do this, you must click on the building located in your factory before selecting the blue icon.

Lumber Inc: Workshop
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However, if you are one of the VIP members, you do not have to watch the advertisement, since VIP members have permanently disabled advertisements by paying an amount of real-life money.

Players should note that they can only construct the Workshop once they have upgraded their factory to both the medium and modern sawmill. After completing the Workshop, you can build wooden houses to earn Reputations, which is one of the in-game currencies.

How to upgrade your factory

As previously stated, you first have to upgrade your factory to the medium and modern sawmill before you can unlock the Workshop. To upgrade your factory, you have to collect a certain amount of money.

Once you have enough money, you will be given the task to upgrade your factory to the next sawmill. To do this, you can click on the factory icon on the left side of the screen.

The upgrade process will be completed in a few seconds. However, you may discover that all of your workers and machinery have disappeared.

Why did your machinery and workers disappear?

After upgrading your sawmill, you will lose all of your machines and workers. This is a feature of the game where purchasing a new sawmill requires that you earn back the machines you had before, but at increased profits.

This essentially means that each sawmill upgrade you buy not only generates money faster, but you will gain additional space for more machines and equipment. This is a crucial aspect, as the aim of the game is to produce more and more refined lumber products.


As you advance in the game, you can unlock and collect blueprints, which you can use to build more houses and earn higher value rewards.

You can collect blueprints using 3 different methods, namely, you can collect them in the village, where you can watch 3 advertisements to be rewarded with a chest of blueprints.

Additionally, you can purchase a blueprint chest at the village shop for approximately 1500 coins. The coins can be collected from the houses in the village.

Alternatively, you can purchase blueprints from the normal in-game shop for approximately 150 Diamonds, but this method is not advisable, as Diamonds are a premium currency.

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