Lumber Inc: Medium sawmill

Players will start with a small sawmill in Lumber Inc, however, they can upgrade their factory to a medium sawmill once they have met the requirements.

Lumber Inc is an idle simulation mobile game that invites players to start managing a small sawmill.It involves resource management, upgrading, completing orders and keeping an eye on your workers.

The objective of the game is to keep up with demands and ensure that your factory produces all the lumber needed by your clients.

You are responsible for numerous factors, such as harvesting trees, hiring and training workers, purchasing and upgrading new machines and maintaining vehicles.

Luckily, you can hire production managers to ensure everything in the factory runs smoothly. Once your factory has reached a certain point, you will have the opportunity to upgrade it to a medium sawmill.

Does Lumber Inc contain advertisements?

Advertisements are a modern-day way for developers to earn money from their free-to-play games. Although some gamers dislike ads, they are quite necessary. This is due to the fact that ads in Lumber Inc reward players with different freebies.

You can thus watch advertisements to receive temporary boosts or to earn a large sum of money from a non-player character. For every advertisement you watch, you will boost your earnings for an hour.

Furthermore, you can claim free boxes that contain Manager Cards when you have watched a certain amount of ads.

Lumber Inc: Medium sawmill

As previously mentioned, all players will begin the game with a small sawmill. You will then be able to hire workers, construct a debarker and eventually a canting machine. It is advisable that you complete the tasks and quests, as they serve as a guide to the game.

Bear in mind that hiring lumbers, constructing machines and upgrading them costs a certain amount of money, which is one of the in-game currencies. You can acquire more money by completing tasks and fulfilling customers’ needs.

Lumber Inc: Medium sawmill
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Players will have the opportunity to upgrade their small sawmill to a medium sawmill if they have met the specific requirements to do so. It is worth noting that this upgrade costs approximately 10 million gold and 10 building currency.

It is recommended that you progress in the game as normal until you have received the task to purchase a medium sawmill. This is because your machines and workers have to be trained and upgraded to a certain level before you can purchase the next sawmill.

Once you are given the task to upgrade your factory, you can click on the factory icon, which is situated on the left-hand side of the screen. In the new menu, players can commence the upgrade process by clicking on the build icon.

This will deduct 10 million money and building currency from your inventory, however, the upgrading process is completed within seconds.

Why did you lose all your machines after the sawmill upgrade?

After purchasing the medium sawmill, you will notice that you lost all your workers and machines. This is a feature of the game where purchasing a new sawmill requires you to earn back the machines you had before, but at increased profits.

Each sawmill upgrade you buy would not just generate money faster, but you will also gain space for additional machines and equipment. This is a very important aspect, as the aim is to produce more and more refined lumber products.

As you advance in the game, you will notice that the orders you have to complete require more and more complex machinery. Upgrading your sawmill thus provides you with additional space to construct the necessary machinery.

Hiring workers

You have to hire workers every time you upgrade to the next sawmill. Any good sawmill merits itself not on the quality of its machinery, but the dedication of its workers. Your workers are seen as the strength of your operation.

The more workers you have, lumberjacks especially, the more logs you will yield. This includes training them and hiring them. It is advised that you start with 3 lumberjacks, and then focus on training them. They will be able to fell trees faster which results in more legs.

However, as your machines get more advanced, you will need to hire additional lumberjacks to pick up the pace.


During the early stages of the game, you may notice that manual labour takes a lot of time. Luckily, you can construct machines. Without the equipment, your mill will be inefficient and slow. A great way to approach this is to first increase productivity of your machines before speed.

Players will then earn just enough to keep upgrading or buying more pieces of machine or upgrade the sawmill entirely. You should bear in mind that each piece of machinery will earn more than the last.

In other words, Debarker 2 will always earn more than Debarker 1, whereas Canting Machine 3 will earn more than Canting Machine 1 and 2.

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