Lumber Inc: Blueprints

Blueprints in Lumber Inc enable you to construct different houses, however, you first have to construct the Workshop.

Gamers are invited to manage and expand a small sawmill business in this idle simulation mobile game, Lumber Inc. The game focuses on completing orders, hiring workers, constructing new lumber machines and resource management.

Your goal in the game is to keep up with demands to create a lumber empire. You are responsible for numerous aspects within the factory, such as training workers, sustainably harvesting trees, purchasing vehicles and constructing wooden houses.

In order to build a house, you first have to construct the Workshop and collect Blueprints. Bear in mind that the Workshop feature only unlocks once you have upgraded to the modern sawmill.

The Workshop

To unlock and use the Workshop, it is advised that you complete the game’s missions and objectives, as they serve as your guideline.

At one point, one of your tasks will be to construct the Workshop, however, it is built in 2 stages, each of which take a certain amount of time to complete. Furthermore, each stage requires a quantity of cants, which you have to produce in your factory.

You also need to bear in mind that you cannot complete the stages simultaneously, which essentially means that you first have to complete the first stage before focusing on the second. Players will be able to build wooden houses and collect Blueprints once the Workshop is completed.

Lumber Inc: Blueprints

You can unlock new blueprints to construct more houses to earn higher value rewards. There are various methods to collect blueprints, such as viewing advertisements in the village once per day. When you do this, you receive a chest of blueprints.

Additionally, you can purchase a blueprint chest from the village shop for approximately 1500 purple coins. Players can collect village coins from the houses in the village.

Alternatively, you can purchase blueprints from the normal in-game shop for approximately 150 Diamonds. However, the last method is not recommended, as Diamonds is a premium in-game currency.

This means that the main way to obtain Diamonds is by purchasing them with real life money. Once you have collected a blueprint, you will be able to craft it within the Workshop.

Bear in mind that a blueprint level can be upgraded, however, the current maximum level is 10. You can view all your blueprints and upgrade their levels in the Workshop. To do so you have to click on the “Workshop” option, which will trigger a pop-up menu.

In the new menu, you will see 3 icons at the top of the screen. If you select the middle icon, you will discover a list of the blueprints that you have collected. You will also be able to view all the houses available, and what you have to do to unlock them.

Lumber Inc: Blueprints
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Available houses

Lumber Inc features an array of houses, however, you have to complete specific tasks to unlock them, which are listed below:

House Task
Cottage Complete 3 workshop orders
Log House Complete 8 workshop orders
Chalet Unlock the computerised sawmill
Bungalow Unlock the cutting-edge sawmill
Wooden Villa It requires the high-tech sawmill
Oak Barn It requires the ultra modern sawmill
Sunshine Villa Unlock the robotic sawmill


Managers are there to oversee the smoothness of your sawmill’s operational status. In some cases, they even keep the vehicle drivers from falling asleep. The main objective of a manager is to increase the productivity and speed at which the machine operates.

They help you earn bigger quantities of money and improve the technology of the machines. There are 3 Workshop managers, 1 forklift manager and 1 storage manager you can unlock to ensure your Workshop runs smoothly.

How to procure money

It is important to note that constructing the Workshop and upgrading your sawmill costs huge amounts of money. You will receive orders from clients who need your lumber, and it is recommended that you do not ignore these tasks.

Completing these tasks will reward you with a lot of money, as well as Biz Points, which can be used to upgrade your Managers. While browsing orders, you have to ensure that you accept the ones with the VIP banner, as they offer the best rewards and payment.

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