Lord of the Rings: Rise to War Factions

Lord of the Rings: Rise to War currently features 10 distinct factions. Each faction is made up of good, or evil characters. Choosing a faction comes down to personal preference. However, there are some recommendations for new, and veteran players.


Capital: Minas Tirith

First Commander: Faramir

Faction Bonus: Land of Stone, Costruction time -5%

Special Unit Type: Swan Knights

Good Faction

Gondor is seen as the land of stone. It is a proud kingdom founded by the Númenóreans, and is populated by their descendants. The capital of this faction is Minas Tirith and its special unit type is Swan Knights.

Gondor’s first Commander is Faramir. Players in this faction will be able to build faster than others, thanks to the decreased construction time.

Gondor is recommended for defending players, as it is considered the best defensive option.


Capital: Caras Galadhon

First Commander: Haldir

Faction Bonus: Elven Wisdom, Commander EXP Gain +5%

Special Unit Type: Marchwarden

Good Faction

Lothlórienis situated between two evil factions on the map. It is home to the elves of Middle-earth. Players in this faction are able to level up their Commander faster, due to the additional five percent Commander experience faction bonus. The Lothlórien troops are ranged units that are capable of dealing high damage.

This faction is recommended for experienced players.


Capital: Edoras

First Commander: Éowyn

Faction Bonus: Forth Eorlingas, March Speed +3%

Special Unit Type: Marshal

Good Faction

 The faction is located above the Ered Nimrais range, in the middle of the map. It features open plains, with Rohirrim’s patrolling them on horsebacks. The capital city of this faction is Edoras.

Players in this faction will receive a three percent move bonus. This is very useful in combat, as they move much faster than other players.

Rohan is recommended for beginners.


Capital: Barad-dûr

First Commander: Gorbag

Faction Bonus: Land of Darkness, Resource production +5%

Special Unit Type: Ragaver

Evil Faction

Mordor is home to where it all started. Sauron made the Ring of Power in the fires of Mount Doom to dominate all of Middle-earth. Now, it is an evil faction with Gorbag as the first Commander.

It is situated in the southeast of Middle-earth. Players in this faction will have an increased resource production rate.

Mordor is recommended for defensive players.


Capital: Erebor

First Commander: Dwalin

Faction Bonus: Sons of Durin, Conscriptio time -5%

Special Unit Type: Iron warrior

Good Faction

Erebor is located in Rhovanion’s frozen northeast. It is home to the mountains that feed the river, Celduin, as well as the Dwarves who labour underground, perfecting their craft.

The faction has a conscription reduction bonus, which means that its troops are able to train faster than others. It is believed that Erebor is one of the strongest factions in The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War.

This faction is recommended for veteran players.


Capital: Orthanc

First Commander: Ugthak

Faction Bonus: Ring of Iron, Conscription Cost -10%

Special Unit Type: Snaga Thrak

Evil Faction

 Isengard’s capital city is Orthanc with first Commander Ughtak. Players in this faction receive a conscription cost reduction.


Capital: Carn Dûm

First Commander: Agzok

Faction Bonus: Steel Home, Siege Damage +5%

Special Unit Type: Fallen

Evil Faction

The faction is ruled by the Witch-king. It is situated in the Misty Mountains.


Capital: Kineland

First Commander: Khaldoon

Faction Bonus: Eastern Traveler, Stamina recovery rate +5%

Special Unit Type: War Chariot

Evil Faction

Rhûn is located in the eastern deserts, and is home to various tribes. This faction holds the lands of Greater Rhûn Keep and Kineland among others.


Capital: Grey Havens

First Commander: Gil-galad

Good faction

The faction overseas Forlindon Keep and Grey Havens.


Capital: Annúminas, Fornost (after 861)

Good faction

This faction controls numerous territories in western Middle-earth, including Weathertop, Bree, Fornost and Cardolan Keep among others.