LOTR: Rise to War Ruins

You can use ruins in LOTR: Rise to War to expand your territory even further, however, it is advised that only experienced players occupy a ruin.


Lord of the Rings (LOTR): Rise to War is a popular role-playing game set in the Third Age of Middle earth. It offers players a beautiful interpretation of the fantasy world of Arda.

Players can embark on various adventurous journeys  in order to build armies for conquest. Keep in mind that you will need to strategically expand your region in pursuit of the One Ring.

Players can enjoy a variety of activities and features in the game. But it is recommended that you focus on the main campaign before participating in other activities.

You can recruit generals, capture tiles, and join Fellowships to expand your territory. You can also train troops to fight and defeat enemies to receive rewards.

lotr Ruins
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What are tiles?

Tiles can be regarded as the most important map units in the game, since your Ring Power will increase once you have occupied a tile. Remember that tiles have the ability to provide your settlement with resources, which can have a positive impact on your gameplay.

It is alleged that tile production will rise as tile level increases. Tiles have defenders that need to be defeated in order to occupy them.

There are different types of tiles; your tiles are indicated by a green border, while tiles with a purple border belong to other players in the same faction. Enemy-owned tiles have a green border, and computer-owned tiles are indicated by white borders.

LOTR: Rise to War Ruins

As mentioned above, you have to strategically expand the territory of your region in pursuit of the One Ring. As you occupy more tiles, your Ring Power will increase, and you will be able to acquire more resources.

As you advance in the game and gain control of more tiles, you may find it more difficult to occupy additional tiles. It is then advised that you utilise the ruins in your area to expand your territory.

Players’ range of movement is limited by a specific radius around your keep and forts. Even though it covers a huge amount of land, it is quite limiting if your only goal is to move straight across a zone.

Most players will decide to just build forts, but their construction time and resource cost can slow down their goal. You can then take over ruins that are placed at the edge of your movement range. They serve as capturable forts that can house 5 units.

Are ruins defended by enemies?

Once you have found a ruin, you will have to face and defeat 2 small armies. Though it may seem like a difficult fight, most players could win easily. This is because their defences are insignificant at the levels where you will usually cross a region on your own.

Is it necessary to capture ruins?

Keep in mind that capturing ruins is intended to for enjoyment and is to be done by experienced players.

This means that beginners should not pay too much attention to capturing a ruin to expand their territory, as there are numerous tiles available close to their keeps. Beginners should, therefore, first focus on occupying the nearby tiles by defeating their defenders.

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However, occupying a ruin is necessary for veteran players, as they will not be able to expand their territory otherwise. It is advised that you attack a ruin with strong Commanders to increase your chances of occupying it successfully.

How many ruins can you capture?

Players should note that there is a limit to how many territories or tiles they can control at the same time. Even though this limit can be increased, it is recommended that you get rid of territories that do not produce many resources, or are not beneficial to your keep.

Since ruins form part of the tile category, you can only occupy a specific number of them. The limit of tiles you can capture is determined by numerous factors, such as your Ring Power level, your Commanders, and your troops, amongst others.

You can see how many tiles you can capture by going to the Land Overview section of the game.

Final thoughts

LOTR: Rise to War is an explorative role-playing game set in the Third Age of Middle earth. It offers players a faithful interpretation of the fantasy world of Arda.

You are able to embark on various adventures in order to build armies for conquest. Remember that you will need to strategically expand your region in pursuit of the One Ring.

To expand your territory, you have to occupy different tiles which are defended by powerful enemies. Some of the tiles may feature a ruin, which you can occupy and allocate 5 troops to.

Ruins are usually located at the edge of your movement range. This means that only experienced players should try to occupy them.

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