LOTR: Rise to War Power production

The Power production system in LOTR: Rise to War has the ability to greatly influence your gameplay, as it determines your Ring’s skills and abilities.


Lord of the Rings (LOTR): Rise to War is a fun mobile game that features role-playing strategic elements. It comes as no surprise to say that it is based on the popular trilogy, Lord of the Rings.

However, the game reminds us that the epic tales of old, be it of glory, love or friendships are days gone by. The new War of the Ring is on the horizon, and the fate of Middle-Earth lies in your hand.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that this game requires a lot of patience. This is because planning your moves may take longer than actually doing them.

Moreover, it requires a lot of strategic thinking, as you do not want to end up sending your armies on a 2-hour tavern trip while they still have stamina to burn.

Why is economic might important?

Like in any war, economic might is in the form of your resources and Ring Power accumulation. That being said, these two systems should be your primary focus in the game, as your troops and commanders cannot function on empty stomachs.

Additionally, the economic might determines your position on the leader-board, and it helps you to decide which enemy you want to defeat.

LOTR: Rise to War Power production

It is important to note that Power production is divided into three different categories, namely, personal production, warband production and faction production.

Each category serves a specific objective and can have a direct influence on your gameplay. The following table indicates each of the categories and their descriptions:

Category Description

Personal production

It will increase once you have obtained more land.

Warband production

You can occupy Uncanny Effigies and Mysterious Springs to increase this production.

Faction production

This can be increased by occupying significant structures and control points.

lotr power production

It is important to note that each tile of land offers you a different power land per hour. It is thus recommended that you occupy tiles with high production rates to increase your Power production.

Moreover, you can remove the tiles that produce the least amount of power land. That being said, you have to consider what the different types produce.

This means that if you have a low-level tile, but it produces a lot of resources, you should keep it, as resources are crucial in this game. You should remember that your Power production has a direct influence on your Ring Power.

What is Ring of Power?

You will obtain one of the 20 rings that were given to the different rules. This Ring can be seen as a source of your power and it will give you access to four different skill trees.

You can level up your Ring Power by collecting experience points. You can see a number that indicates your current Ring of Power income at the top of the screen. The more land you possess, the more experience you will gain per hour.

How to access your skill tree

You can access your skill tree by selecting the Ring icon, which is situated in the bottom left corner. In the new menu, you will find 4 branches with numerous useful skills in them. You can read all the details and information about the skills before allocating your skill points

You can obtain more skill points as your Ring reaches new levels. It is important that you carefully consider which skills you want, as it will have an impact on your gameplay. Luckily, you are able to reset your skills once a day if you are unhappy with it.

What are the different skill trees?

The first and centre skill tree is called Dominance. It increases your territory limit, and it is recommended that you allocate points into it every time it becomes available. The second branch, which is located on the upper right corner focuses on the Fort, Control and Mobility buffs.

lotr dominance
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You should not focus too much on this tree as a beginner, but it is definitely a point of interest later on in the game. The third tree is the bottom right tree branch, and it revolves around Commanders, bonus damage, experience gain and bonus efficiency.

It is advised that you focus on this tree from the beginning of the game, as it is important to create a powerful military army. The last tree, which is located in the bottom left corner, focuses on increasing your resources.

Final thoughts

LOTR: Rise to War is a popular mobile game that features role-playing strategic elements. It comes as no surprise to say that it is based on the popular trilogy, Lord of the Rings. You should note that its gameplay and mechanics can take some time to understand.

The main principle of this game is to increase your Power production by occupying tiles, gathering resources and taking structures.

All of these activities have a direct influence on your Ring, which features various skills. You are able to allocate points in each of the 4 skill trees, which can alter your gameplay.

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