LOTR: Rise to War Mordor

In the LOTR: Rise to War, players are able to choose the faction they want to be part of, one of which is the infamous Mordor.


Lord of the Rings (LOTR): Rise to War is a newly released mobile strategy game, based on the classic trilogy, Lord of the Rings. The game reminds players that the epic tales of old, be it of glory, love or friendships, are in days gone by.

A new War of the Ring is on the horizon, and the fate of Middle-earth now lies in the players’ hands.

A new dark power has been growing, and it is sweeping through every part of the fantasy realm of Lord of the Rings. The various factions are thus desperate to seize control of the One Ring and take dominion over Middle-earth.

The game takes place in the Third Age of Middle-earth, and it offers a beautiful and faithful interpretation of the fictional world of Arda.

It allows players to embark on new adventures in order to build armies for conquest. They will need to strategically expand their region in pursuit of the One Ring.

When players first start playing LOTR: Rise to War, they will be able to choose a faction. After choosing, they will have to complete a tutorial mission in order to understand the mechanics and gameplay.

Once players have completed the tutorial, it is advised that they follow the tasks to level up. The tasks can be found by selecting the rolled-up scroll on the bottom right side of the screen. Completed tasks will reward the player with various resources.

To obtain more resources, players will need to acquire more land. The land players own are indicated by a green border. Those with a purple border belong to other players in the same faction, while enemies have red tiles.

Computer-owned tiles are indicated with white borders. It is advised that players first take control of the computer-owned tiles before attempting to take land from an enemy.

Players have a choice to either side with evil or good, and then build their territory accordingly. This means that they can either build Warbands or Fellowships to collaborate with other members on attack plans against their rivals.

In the game, players will have the opportunity to improve the bonds with their alliances on the battlefield, with the goal to expand territories on the tile-based map design.

Each victory will claim another piece of land, while each defeat will result in a loss of land. LOTR: Rise to War sets players on a path to not only outwit and defeat their rivals, but to also seize the ultimate prize: The One Ring.

One of the factions that players can choose is the infamous Mordor. Located in the southeast of Middle-earth, the domain of Sauron is walled in by the Ephel Dúath and Ered Lithui mountain ranges. The One Ring was forged in the fires of Mount Doom, which set all of the turmoil in motion.

LOTR: Rise to War Mordor

Mordor is seen as an evil faction in LOTR: Rise to War. Its faction bonus is a five percent increase in resource output. The faction’s starting commander is Gorbag. He has the ability to provide buffs to orcs.

He is also able to offer madness and stun the enemies. The tier four-unit is Ravager, who has a great amount of health. However, his damage is quite slow.

It is believed that Modor has a comparatively low density of resource tiles, though thankfully not enough to be totally crippling. This means that the best location for a Modor player to spawn is in the southern border, or near the Black Gate.

Mordor is the most difficult to invade out of all starting points. It is completely surrounded by impassable mounts, with one chokepoint leading inside blocked by the Black Gate.

When given enough time, players may end up surrounding the location in Forts, to make it much harder to get through. Especially since Mordor players need to get through there to get away.

In early game, it is recommended that Mordor players take the unprotected land directly south of them. This will prepare them for a serious march, and an eventual free-for-all north.

Other factions

The table below indicates the other factions of LOTR: Rise to War:

Faction name Description of faction Good / Evil


Isengard’s capital city is Orthanc with first Commander Ughtak. Players in this faction receive a conscription cost reduction. Isengard is an evil faction


The Angmar faction is ruled by the Witch-king. It is situated in the Misty Mountains. Angmar is an evil faction


Rhûn is located in the eastern deserts and is home to various tribes. This faction holds the lands of Greater Rhûn Keep and Kineland among others. Rhûn forms part of the evil side of the game


The Lindon faction overseas Forlindon Keep and Grey Havens. Linden is a good faction


This faction controls numerous territories in Western Middle-earth, including Weathertop, Bree, Fornost and Cardolan Keep among others. Arnor is a good faction


Gondor is a proud kingdom founded by the Númenóreans. The capital of this faction is Minas Tirith and its special unit type is Swan Knights. Gondor’s first Commander is Faramir. Gondor is a good faction


Lothlórien is home to the elves of Middle-earth. Players in this faction are able to level up their Commander faster, due to the additional five percent Commander experience faction bonus. Lothlorien is a good faction


The Rohan faction is located above the Ered Nimrais range, in the middle of the map. It features open plains, with Rohirrim’s patrolling them on horsebacks. The capital city of this faction is Edoras. Players in this faction will receive a three percent move bonus. Rohan is a good faction


Erebor is located in Rhovanion’s frozen northeast. It is home to the mountains that feed the river, Celduin, as well as the Dwarves who labour underground, perfecting their craft. The faction has a conscription reduction bonus, which means that its troops are able to train faster than others. Erebor is a good faction

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