LOTR: Rise to War Forts

In LOTR: Rise to War, players can expand their territories by building additional forts, which can be used to hold Commanders.


Lord of the Rings: Rise to War (LOTR) is a newly released mobile strategy game. It is based on the classic trilogy, Lord of the Rings. The game reminds players that the epic tales of old, be it of love, friendship or glory, are in days gone by.

A new War of the Ring is on the horizon, and the fate of Middle-earth now lies in the players’ hands. A new dark power has been growing, and it is sweeping through every part of the fantasy realm of Lord of the Rings.

The various factions are thus desperate to seize control of the One Ring and take dominion over Middle-earth. The game takes place in the Third Age of Middle-earth, and it offers a beautiful and faithful interpretation of the fictional world of Arda.

It allows players to embark on new adventures in order to build armies for conquest. They will need to strategically expand their region in pursuit of the One Ring.

When players first start playing LOTR: Rise to War, they will be able to choose a faction. After choosing, they will have to complete a tutorial mission in order to understand the mechanics and gameplay.

When players have completed the tutorial, it is advised that they follow the tasks to level up. The tasks can be found by selecting the rolled-up scroll on the bottom right side of the screen. Completed tasks will reward the player with various resources.

To obtain more resources, players will need to acquire more land. The land with a purple border belongs to other players in the same faction, while the land players own are indicated by a green border and enemies have red tiles.

Computer-owned tiles are indicated with white borders. It is recommended that players first take control of the computer-owned tiles before attempting to take land from an enemy.

Players have a choice to either side with evil or good, and then build their territory accordingly. This means that they can either build Fellowships or Warbands to collaborate with other members on attack plans against their rivals.

In the game, players will have the opportunity to improve the bonds with their alliances on the battlefield, with the goal to expand territories on the tile-based map design.

Each victory will claim another piece of land, while each defeat will result in a loss of land. LOTR: Rise to War sets players on a path to not only outwit and defeat their rivals, but to also seize the ultimate prize – The One Ring.

LOTR: Rise to War Forts

In order to expand territory, players will have to build forts. A fort is a building structure that increases a Commander’s movement range from the settlement. This allows players to march further and to obtain resource styles from outside the settlements marching range.

In the top-left corner of the screen, players can view the mini map. On the map, a small circle indicates the range from the settlement. When the players have built a new fort, the Commander will be able to move 50 tiles from that fort.

Players should remember to reposition an army to the new fort. The army will then be able to use the new fort’s marching range. Forts are generally used to travel to different regions in the map. Additionally, forts hold commanders when trying to take a capture point.

Fort requirements

Players have to meet certain requirements before they are able to build a fort. For the first requirement, players’ ring has to be level 10. Additionally, they also need to own the tile where they plan to build a fort.

It is important to note that the fort costs approximately 12 000 gold, 5 000 wood, 5 000 stone and 10 000 ore.

Things to remember before building a fort

Players should remember that tile on which the fort is build, will stop production. It is thus recommended that players build a fort on low power tiles. Additionally, players will only be able to name the fort once. After the fort is built, it cannot be renamed.

It is important to note that players cannot stop building the fort once it has started. Building a fort takes approximately two hours to complete. The building process cannot be sped up. The fort can be upgraded to level five, which then can hold six Commanders.

The fort’s durability serves as its Health Points. This means that the fort will be destroyed if the durability reaches zero. Initially, the fort’s durability is 150 000, however, it can be upgraded four times.

Each upgrade adds 50 000 durability. This means that a maximum fort will have 350 000 durability.


In LOTR: Rise to War, players can expand their territories by building forts. It is a structure that increases a Commander’s movement range from the settlement. Players are thus able to march further and obtain resources.

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