LOTR: Rise to War Aragorn

Players are able to collect the infamous Aragorn in LOTR: Rise to War, however, they need to offer him a gift before he joins the army.


Lord of the Rings (LOTR): Rise to War is a mobile strategy game based on the popular trilogy, Lord of the Rings.

The game reminds players that the epic tales of old, be it of glory, love or friendship are in days gone by. A new War of the Ring is on the horizon, and the fate of Middle-earth now lies in the players’ hands.

A new dark evil power has been growing, and it is sweeping through every part of the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings. The various factions are thus desperate to seize control of the One Ring and take dominion over Middle-earth.

The game is set in the Third Age of Middle-earth, and it offers a beautiful and faithful interpretation of the fictional world of Arda.

It invites players to embark on new adventures in order to build armies for conquest. Players will thus need to strategically expand their region in pursuit of the One Ring.

When players first start playing LOTR: Rise to War, they will be able to choose one of the 10 factions. Each faction features unique Commanders, skills, abilities and additional bonuses. After choosing, players will have to complete a tutorial mission in order to understand the gameplay and controls.

Once players have completed the tutorial, they can complete missions to obtain resources. However, players can obtain more resources by acquiring more land. The land players own are indicated by a green border.

Those with a purple border belong to other players in the same faction, while enemies have red tiles. Computer-owned tiles are indicated with white borders. It is recommended that players first take control of the computer-owned tiles before attempting to take land from an enemy.

Players have a choice to either side with good or evil, and then build their territory accordingly. This means that players can either build Fellowships or Warbands to collaborate with other members on attack plans against their rivals.

Each victory will claim another piece of land, while each defeat will result in a loss of land. LOTR: Rise to War sets players on a path to not only outwit and defeat their rivals, but to also seize the ultimate prize – The One Ring.


As mentioned above, players will have to choose to side either with the bad or the good alliances. It is important to note that each alliance has its own unique characters, also known as Commanders.

These Commanders are the generals that lead the players’ armies. Each Commander has their own unique skill tree, which makes them powerful warriors.

Players are able to equip their Commanders with different armour sets, which can apply additional statistics and effects on the army. It is important to note that the choice of available Commanders depends on whether players choose a good or evil faction at the start of the game.

One of the Commanders players can obtain in LOTR: Rise to War is the infamous Aragon. Players can either obtain him by playing the game for some time or purchase him with real-life money. Players can obtain Aragon by purchasing the “Starter Pack” for approximately $1.26.

LOTR: Rise to War Aragorn

In the trilogy, Aragorn was the sixteenth and last Chieftain of the Dunedain of the North. However, he was later crowned King Elessar Telcontar. Aragorn is described as the Ranger of the North. In the game, he features various skills and abilities to defeat his enemies.

Aragon’s skills and abilities

The following table indicates Aragon’s skills, abilities and a description of each:

Skill Description
Andúril Aragorn will deal 20 percent physical damage when fighting two enemy targets.
Cull the Weak The Commander will deal 30 percent physical damage to the enemy with the lowest defence.
Weapons Expertise Aragorn has a 50 percent to gain a seven percent increase in his damage.
Strider The Commander’s base equipment statistics will increase by two percent.
Hidden Heir Aragarn’s skill damage will increase by 1.3 percent. Additionally, he will gain initiative during battles. At the maximum level, Aragon’s speed will increase by 20 percent.
Dúnedain Chieftain This skill increases the army’s defence by two percent.
Well-prepared When melee units are hit by enemies’ normal attacks, they will perform a counterattack that deals three percent damage.
Brawling Training Aragon’s damage will increase by three percent when fighting melee units.
Precise Blow Aragon will deal 40 percent Pursuit when fighting an enemy.
Raid When fighting an enemy, Aragorn deals 34.2 physical damage. He also has a 50 percent chance of dealing an additional 34.2 damage.
Sun and Moon’s Splendour All men will gain a stun immunity against enemy orcs and Uruk-hai.
Nobility All men’s damage will increase by three percent.

Aragorn’s gifts

If players want to add Aragon to their permanent collection, they will need to present him with gifts. Players need to offer the epic tier gift, Athelas to him. It is important to note that players will have to obtain three Athelas before Aragorn will join them.


In LOTR: Rise of War, players are able to collect various characters, including the infamous cc. Players can either obtain him by playing the game for some time, or by purchasing him using real-life money.

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