Lost Ark: Wardancer Changes

Lost Ark’s Wardancer recently received numerous skill changes, however, they have only been implemented on the Korean PTR servers.

Lost Ark has easy-to-learn features with unexpected depth and room for customization. Players can create and control a fictional hero to explore the vast open world of Arkesia.

During the character creation phase, you have to select a class, which will determine your abilities and skills.

Wardancer Changes

Currently, there are 6 unique classes that you can choose from in Lost Ark, one of which is the Wardancer. Not merely masters of martial arts, Wardancers augment their lightning-quick fighting skills with elemental power.

Lost Ark: Wardancer Changes
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As a Wardancer, you can store up elemental energy to unleash devastating attacks and gravity-defying maneuvers.

Since Lost Ark was initially released in South Korea, the game’s developers, Smilegate, regularly releases new content and updates on the Korean servers first.

Smilegate recently announced that some adjustments will be made to the Wardancer’s skill and ability set.

According to the announcement, the Seismic Strike skill will be removed from Lost Ark and replaced with a new skill, Whirlwind Yongryukak.

Furthermore, Esoteric Skill: Lightning Strike will be replaced with Supremacy Fist.

In addition to these changes, most of the Wardancer’s skills were updated. Sky Shattering Blow’s ascension Kick tripod changed to Weakness Exposure.

This skill was always able to send foes into the air with the 2nd strike, but it is now changed. The skill will now decrease enemy Crit Resistance to attacks by all party members by 10% when the enemy is attacked.

The Ready Attack Tripod has also been adjusted, but it can still increase your attack power.

The percentages by which it increases your attack power has increased. Instead of a 15% increase, you will now benefit from 20%.

Additional skill changes

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the following changes were made to the Wardancer:

Skill Adjustments made
Lightning Kick
  • Deliver a flurry of kicks that inflict Lightning Damage 3 times. It strikes down at foes, causing damage. Downed foes are lifted off the ground while airborne foes are slammed onto the ground. When using this skill, you can change the skill direction.
Flash Heat Fang
  • This skill’s hit damage, esoteric meter acquisition amount and stagger amount have been adjusted.
  • Base AoE radius is increased
  • PvE damage is decreased by 5.7%
Moon Flash Kick
  • PvE damage is decreased by 18.2%
  • White Flame Kick tripod renamed to Esoteric Extortion
Sweeping Hidden Dragon
  • Ready Attack Tripod: On combo attack hit, attack power’s percentage increases are decreased.
Roar of Courage
  • PvP Cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds
  • This skill’s Crit Chance has been adjusted

Tripod changes

Smilegate introduced Tripod changes for the Wardancer, which are:

Skill name Current Adjustment
Sweeping Kick (Light of Justice Tripod changes)
  • Elemental is now Holy
  • Sweeping Kick AoE radius is increased by 20%
  • Attack Speed is increased by 20%/ 24%/ 28%/ 32% and 36%
  • Elemental is now Holy
  • Sweeping Kick AoE radius is increased by 20%
  • Attack Speed increased by 40% / 47% / 54% / 62% and 70%
Esoteric Skill: Spiral Impact ( Absorption Hit Tripod changes)
  • Grants Paralysis Immunity during Ready Attack
  • Creates a pattern that flaunts the power of Yin and Yang to attract surrounding foes
  • Grants Paralysis Immunity while using the skill
  • Creates a pattern that flaunts the power of Yin and Yang to attract surrounding foes
Esoteric Skill: Rising Fire Dragon (Tenacity Tripod changes)
  • Grants Push Immunity until lading after ascending into the air
  • Grants Push Immunity while using the skill

How to experience the adjustments

Because Smilegate releases new content and updates on the Korean servers before releasing the new content on the global servers, you need to play on the Korean servers in order to experience the Wardancer adjustments.

Keep in mind that these adjustments were only released on the PTR Korean servers though, which means that not all Lost Ark players can experience it. You have to log onto a PTR Korean server to experiment with these adjustments.

When will the adjustments be released globally?

The Wardancer adjustments were only released recently on the KR PTR server, which means that the developers are currently still testing how the Wardancer performs after the adjustments were made.

We believe that the developers will only release the adjustments on the Korean servers if they are happy with how the class performed on the PTR.

That being said, it may be a couple of months before Smilegate releases the adjustments to the global servers.

At the time of writing, it is unknown when the Wardancer adjustments will be implemented on the global servers.

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