Lost Ark: Thaemine Race

Several players are competing in the Lost Ark’s Thaemine Race to be one of the first teams to complete the Thaemine Raid to receive rich rewards.

Gamers can choose from diverse advanced classes to customize their fighting style in this thrilling video game, Lost Ark.

The game was initially released in South Korea in 2019, however, it was only released in Europe, North America and South America in 2022.

Unfortunately, some content, such as the Thaemine Race, is only available on the Korean servers.

Legion Raids

Legion Raids is an endgame activity in Lost Ark and it is generally completed by 1 or 2 teams of 4 players.

If you complete a Legion Raid, you will receive rich rewards, however, these raids are extremely difficult to complete and may require teams to organize strategic plans to be successful.

Currently, there are 5 Legion Raid bosses in the game, namely Valtan, Vykas, Kakul Saydon, Brelshaza and Akkan. Each boss has specific mechanics and abilities that players should understand if they want to complete the Raid.

Lost Ark: Thaemine Race

As previously mentioned, Lost Ark was initially released in Korea in 2019 and therefore, some content is released on the Korean servers before it is implemented on the other servers.

One of that the features Korean players on the Korean servers are enjoying is the Thaemine Raid, which is also referred to as the Thaemine Race.

The Thaemine Raid is allegedly the final Legion Raid, which is a suitable conclusion to a series of fantastic Legion Raids which have brought new life to Lost Ark.

To celebrate the arrival of the new raid, Smilegate, the game’s developer, has upped the stakes significantly.

Generally, there is not that much incentive for the first team to clear the new raid, but there are now exciting rewards for being the first, second, third and top 10 teams to clear the raid first.

This announcement has spurred players on the Korean server to race among each other to complete the Thaemine Raid.

This race has brought back many old Lost Ark players as the rewards are extremely rich. According to Smilegate, the number of returning players has increased by more than 230 percent after the Thaemine Race commenced.

It is believed that the difficulty of Gate 3 is as difficult as Gate 6 of Brelshaza before it was nerfed. Although Gate 4’s rewards are more than the previous Gates combined, it is more difficult than Brelshaza’s Gate 6.

Several Korean teams are currently competing in the Thaemine Race and players can support them by watching their live streams.

Lost Ark: Thaemine Race
© Smilegate RPG

Competing teams

There are 12 known teams currently competing in the Thaemine Race to be the first team to complete the Thaemine Race.

Smilegate predicts that it will take the teams more than a week to clear the raid for the first time, as its mechanics and features are unknown.

The following table lists some of the teams competing in the race:

Team name Members
Lostark Lover
  • Captain Jack (Glaivier)
  • Cherry Tomato Ramen (Sorc)
  • Engabi (Paladin
  • KimDDuDi (Gunlancer)
Mountaineering Club
  • Handongsuk (Gunlancer)
  • Daju (Bard)
  • Portia (Wardancer)
  • Samsik (Scrapper)
Wraith Group
  • Ida (Slayer)
  • Johnny (DE)
  • FreshHammer (Destoryer)
  • Jjangyeony (Bard2)
Gomcast Group
  • Gomcast (Artill)
  • Sulsoyeong (DB)
  • Yukunyang (Bard)

How to watch the Thaemine Race

Players should remember that the Thaemine Race will not be live streamed on the official Lost Ark Twitch channel, so gamers will  have to watch the live streams of individual players or teams.

There are various teams competing in the race and therefore, you can simply type a player’s name in Twitch’s search bar to find their stream.

It is recommended that you link your Twitch account with your Lost Ark account before watching a stream, because some players competing in the race have enabled drops on their stream.

This means that you will receive rewards if you watch their stream for a certain period of time.

Can you compete in the Thaemine Race?

As previously mentioned, the Thaemine Raid was only released on the Korean Lost Ark servers, which means that players who play the game on other servers will not be able to enjoy the Thaemine Race.

However, it is believed that the Thaemine Raid will be implemented on the other servers in the near future.

Unfortunately, it is undetermined when the raid will be released, but we recommend that you keep an eye on the game’s official website for further news.

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