Lost Ark: Thaemine Groups

Several groups are currently competing against one another to be the first group to complete Lost Ark’s latest Legion Raid, Thaemine.

Players can choose from diverse advanced classes to customize their fighting style in this exciting video game, Lost Ark.

Currently, several teams are competing against one another to be the first to clear the new Legion Raid, Thaemine. Since this race started, Lost Ark players have wondered which teams are competing.

How to experience the Thaemine Raid

Allegedly, the Thaemine Raid will be the last addition to the endgame Legion Raids. Several players believe that it is an amazing way to conclude a years-long series which has brought new life to the game.

Unfortunately, the Thaemine Raid can only be enjoyed by players on the Korean servers.

This is because the Raid is yet to be released on the other Lost Ark servers. At the time of writing, it is undetermined when the raid will be implemented on the other servers.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the game’s official announcements for further details.

Lost Ark: Thaemine Groups

Currently, several groups of players are attempting to be the first to clear the Thaemine Raid for the first time.

Although this sounds like a simple task, it is quite difficult to complete the raid, as Smilegate did not release any information about the raid’s mechanics or hints to complete it successfully.

It is therefore the competing groups’ responsibility to figure out the raid’s mechanics and come up with a strategic plan to win the battles.

Before the raid’s release, Smilegate announced that it will take teams more than a week to complete the raid for the first time.

Since the raid’s release, more than 10 groups have been trying to complete it. The following table lists the groups competing against one another to complete the raid for the first time:

Group name Members Description
Mountaineering Club
  • Handongsuk (Gunlancer)
  • Daju (Bard)
  • Portia (Wardancer)
  • Samsik (Scrapper)
  • Medal of Honor (Deathblade)
  • Cho Hong (Artist)
  • Monstermouse (Gunslinger)
  • Nodolly (Wardancer)
This group was formed at the beginning of season 2 and most of its current members joined the group during Valtan and Vykas’ release.
Lost Ark Lover
  • Captain Jack (Glaivier)
  • Dduddi (Gunlancer)
  • DdeDde (Slayer)
  • Cherry Tomato Ramen (Sorceress)
  • Taekyung (Deathblade)
  • Huni (Beserker)
  • Pretty Herb (Bard)
  • Engavi (Paladin)
This group comprises very serious Lost Ark players who are considered some of the best players in the game.
Wrath Group
  • Ida (Slayer)
  • Johnny (DE)
  • FreshHammer (Destoryer)
  • Jjangyeony (Bard)
This group has been playing Lost Ark for the longest time. However, they do not have Sidereal weapons and their item level is lower than that of the other groups.
Jjonji Group
  • JiuDau (Slayer)
  • Jjonji (Striker)
There is  a lot of controversy surrounding their stream and raid, so they are considered notorious.

In addition to the groups in the table, the following groups are also competing in the Thaemine Race:

  • Yakkoz Group
  • Flame Lover
  • Bonking Group
  • Kimjusun Group
  • Gomcast Group
  • JustWanneClear Group
  • Woorae Group
  • Saintone Group

Lost Ark: Thaemine Groups

Thaemine gates

Similarly to the other Legion Raids in Lost Ark, the Thaemine Raid contains different gates that players must progress through.

The first and 2nd gates are apparently quite easy to complete, but the 3rd gate is said to be as difficult as gate 6 of Brelshaza before the developers nerfed the battle.

Although gate 4’s rewards are more than gates 1,2 and 3’s rewards combined, several competing groups have revealed that it is much more difficult than Brelshaza’s 6th gate.

Some teams have managed to clear the 4th gate of the raid, but to their surprise, a hidden 5th gate appeared. Allegedly, if you fail the 5th gate, the entire team will be transported back to the fourth gate.

Which team will clear the raid  first?

At the time of writing, it is difficult to say which team will clear the Thaemine raid first. However, several Lost Ark players have shared their opinions about who they think will complete it first.

A large number of gamers believe that the Lost Ark Lover group will be the first to complete the raid.

On Saturday, 9 September 2023, it was announced on a Korean website that the Lost Ark Lover group had reached the top rank in the race with Jjonji Group and Woorae Party taking second and third place, respectively.


Since it is the last Legion Raid that Smilegate will release, they have revealed that the first team to complete the Thaemine Raid will receive an abundance of rewards.

This announcement has made several players who stopped enjoying Lost Ark return to the game.

Although it is a race to complete the raid for the first time, Smilegate has revealed that the first 10 groups to complete the raid will receive rewards. Unfortunately, the rewards that the groups will receive are unknown.

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